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pixelation/tiling during fast action

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pixelation/tiling during fast action

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I recently signed up for Prime HD, but notice a diminished HD quality and picture seems to "pixelate" or "tile" at during sports or action movies (all channels).   Definately a step down from Dish.. Is there something I need to do, such as replace a coax cable or get a signal booster??


Anyone experience this?

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Re: pixelation/tiling during fast action

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These Typically are related to two things


Fast Action pixelization or macro blocking is a side effect of 1080i resolution setting.  So you may just need a Video Format Change.


Press Menu>settings>video settings>video format and choose 720p 


You should not notice any difference in quality, ESPN for example only broadcasts in 720p and many other fast action shows do the same for the same reasons.   


ESPN is quoted as saying 

Why Did ESPN Choose 720p versus 1080i?



ESPN chose 720p because of the "p," which stands for progressive scan technology. Progressive scan technology paints the picture on your television screen from top to bottom on a line-by-line basis&.as in lines 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, etc. Interlace technology, the "i" in 1080i, paints the picture on an every-other-line basis, first painting lines 1,3,5,7,9 and then a split second later painting lines 2,4,6,8 and 10. Your eyes then assemble the painting into one image.


Progressive scan technology produces better images for the fast moving orientation of sports television. Simply put, with 104 mph fastballs in baseball and 120 mph shots on goal in hockey, the line-by-line basis of progressive scan technology better captures the inherent fast action of sports. For ESPN, progressive scan technology makes perfect sense.


We note with interest that when consumers now shop for DVD devices which produce the best pictures, the industry standard for quality is "progressive scan DVD players." We believe that says a great deal about our selection of 720p.


However, it is important to note that 720p and 1080i are not mutually exclusive technologies. Unlike certain incompatibilities in industries like cellular telephone service, DVD's and other products dating back to VHS versus Betamax and 8-track audio tape versus cassettes, all television sets, set top boxes and tuners are required to accept a series of formats, in which 720p and 1080i are included. Therefore, no one is excluded, and consumers with sets that inherently create pictures with progressive scan technology will automatically be able to see programs that are produced in the interlace format and vice versa. Some will debate the quality of the technologies, but we believe both 720p and 1080i produce HDTV pictures of a quality far above what most consumers have experienced over the first 50 years of television. As such, all HDTV viewers win!


So it might be something as simple as that. 


OR it might be an actual channel signal issue, like you mentioned, with the coax. 


The best way to find out if that is the case, is to tune to a channel that is having problems, and then when you get the pixels hit menu>settings>system info   on that screen you will see a "press info for more details" and that will give you an SNR value.  That SNR value should be at the very least 32 and as hi as 42.  


At and under 32, you will notice pixelization and even a loss of picture all together.   If it's low, then yes - reseat your coax cables, retighten and clean them, and even think about replacing them if neccessary.


If it's just one TV that is having the problem then it's just the one cable you need to worry about. 

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