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quick code 8803

Contributor sarahmom2four
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my tv has an error message:


"there is no technical problem with your TV service. To restore service as quickly as possible, please log on to your computer, open your internet browser homepage and follow the directions on the site. if you are unable to complete the transaction in your browser, you may reach us by calling 1-866-962-1946, and enter the 4-digit quick code 8803. We look forward to continuing your fios service."


it does not give me a webpage to visit.


I have tried cycling the STB, but it has not worked.  Anyone have any ideas???

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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This could be caused by a couple different reasons for which I will need to get some more information to assist you further. Please see the private message I sent to resolve the problem.


Thank you,

Verizon Support

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Contributor bagwuocha
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I am having the same problem.  How do I fix it?  Can it be done tonight?

Contributor JPK774
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So far it seems like its FINANCIAL SERVICES\COLLECTIONS... funny thing is verizon owes me a credit for screwing up and over charging me a month. One of my boxes works, but when I plugged in the second one that has been sitting for a month without being turned on  gave me this error. 


I was first transferred to a general collections until I was told it was a FIOS Financial department. 


I called the 866 # on the screen then entered 8803...waiting.....waiting.....waiting.......now I got FIOS tech support.....after 15 mins holding... ok.. checking troubleshooting..........waiting waiting....OK so basically you should go STRAIGHT TO FIOS support ask them to reset your box and your good. 


AGAIN DO NOT CALL THE 866 number if you dont OWE any money to FIOS just call FIOS tech support and tell them your account is clear and to reset your settop box. 

Contributor rnd2012
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i have received the same message. my internet is working fine as is another box in my house.  when i tried to call verizon it said they were not operating at this time and to call back later.  Any way to fix this without calling them? I've tried uplugging the cable, readjusting the cable and the same message results.

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Platinum Contributor I
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It might be able to be fixed through the In home agent both on the web and also available through the set top box menu.


Menu>customer support>in home agent>


The ones that might help you are

  • Set top box Auto Correct
  • Common Fix Set top box and DVR
  • Reset Set Top Box

Through the web, you can go to www.verizon.com/repair and you can do either


Contributor FourBy
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I finally have a better answer for this after searching the internet and not finding one.  My agent was awesome and fixed what the Chat service agent had originally screwed up.  In my case, I got the same error message on 3 Tv's after the Chat agent  reset my box a number of times with no success.  The boxes were locked and I was unable to do anything but call in.  The tech on the phone (Tynan) first reset all of my boxes--a hard reset that reset the cable card, then re-loaded the programming on the card, then refreshed the programming, and it worked!  All 3 TV's had all of the subscribed channels come on after that process was done individually to each TV.  Apparently at some point, the boxes got confused when I tried to upgrade my programming package.  After the Chat agent messed with them for a while, they just shut down and displayed the message.   The fix is to nuke them and start over.  The down side is that you lose all of your user settings like favorites, but the DVR recordings are still good.  Thanks Tynan, you saved a customer today from switching back to Directv!

Contributor pdrake13
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its a verizon technical error - so make sure you get a rebate for all the days you havent had receipt of service - maybe they'll start fixing these bugs in a timely manner - or directtv maybe im coming back

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