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"Enjoying your free preview" popup again!

"Enjoying your free preview" popup again!

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Once again, when I tune to Stars/Encore, I'm getting a popup that says: "Enjoying your free preview. ORDER NOW. Press"OK" for more info." This is the case even though I pay for Stars/Encore. The message appears evey time I change to antoher Stars/Encoure channel and hang for about 15 seconds in the upper right corner before disppearing. This has happened before, but I thought tech support fixed it, if I remember correctly.


Today, tech support tried lots of different things, inclding resetting my DVR before telling me that it simply can't be fixed. Tech supprot told me says that there IS a free Stars/Encore preview until Sunday, at least in the New York area, and that EVERYONE gets this message, including those who have ordered Stars/Encore. I find this hard to believe. (You would think it would result in a flood of phone calls and online posts. The last one I see is in 2015 about this.) So is everyone here with Stars/Encore getting this message now? And is there any way to stop it from coming up? It's really annoying, especially when we channel surf.



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Not seeing it here in MD

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A second Verizon tech reserached this for me and actually called back with a solution. (Many thanks to her!)


The popup can be disabled with: Menu-Settings-System-Television-Interactive Television (disable).


She wasn't sure what else this might disable (so far it doesn't look like much, if anything). But if you try this, remember the steps in case something you need is disabled as well.


I'm still curious about whether Starz/Encore subscribers are seeing this "free preview" popup. Verizon tech support says they are, but it seems hard to believe. But they tell me the popup should go away after Sunday, when the free trial ends.

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