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"du1" code on box

Contributor psu319
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I've had my TV and HD DVR connected using an HDMI cable for over a year with no problems.  I haven't made any connection changes since then.  All of the sudden I've been getting the "du1" code this morning and the box shuts down.  I disconnected it from the wall and it didn't help.  I googled the problem and checked here and read about the "handshake" issue.  I've replaced the HDMI cable with a component cable and while the "du1" proble was resolved, the picture quality is now crap.  Any ideas as to why I'm having this problem all of the sudden and if there is a fix that will allow me to go back to using the HDMI cable?


I'm not overly technical so dumb it down for me ;-)



EDIT:  Problem solved...box somehow reset itself and SD override was not switched to off.  Now it is, HDMI cable hooked back up and all is good.

Platinum Contributor I
Platinum Contributor I
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yeah the DU1 code, is actually saying DVI, and you're right it's a HDCP handshake issue   -  some people had it resolved by swapping HDMI ports in the back of the tv most had to go to component cables.  


Verizon had a new software release in most areas (not all) that corrected a great number of HDCP handshake issues.


My guess is that you were in one of those area's, but thanks for letting us know it's working again.  gives us a chance to revisit the topic a tiny bit.


for others that are having an ongoing issue with this DVI error on the front of the motorola STB's, a def perm fix is going to component cables, which are also 1080p rated high definition cables, or try swapping HDMI ports on the back of the TV.  



Copper Contributor Tommy76
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I also have had the du1 code...it happens every time i start up the dvr but it doesnt seem to cause any issues...i am on 1.7 on the 7xxxx box and have hdmi to dvi cord since my tv is only dvi, then an optical audio going to my reciever...i guess im lucky since i dont really have any issues steming from the flashing code

Contributor mjg
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psu319, what do you mean when you say that SD override was not switched to off?  My husband & I are having this same issue.  Only difference is that our Sharp tv doesn't fade to snow...just goes to black then comes back on after a few minutes. 

Contributor rogerp1000
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I am also having this problem!! I only have 1 HDMI post on the back of my TV though and i refuse to go to component cables!! I was wondering if trding in the box for the newer HD DVR box would fix this issue?

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Gold Contributor III
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@rogerp1000 wrote:

I am also having this problem!! I only have 1 HDMI post on the back of my TV though and i refuse to go to component cables!! I was wondering if trding in the box for the newer HD DVR box would fix this issue?



Maybe yes, maybe no.  Before IMG 1.7 my 7216 had the HDMI the black out (it "hiccupped") glitch and it was fixed with 1.7.  However, there are still reports of people with 1.7 reporting problems so it is hit or miss if the hanshake will work cleanly.   Keep in mind that you will also lose any recordings on your old DVR as there is currently no way to transfer content to the new DVR.


BTW - my old 6416 never had a hiccup with HDMI and IMG 1.6.  Only had problems when they swapped to the newer one for a problem I was having (which it didn't solve - sigh).

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Contributor mike_b
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I started getting the du1 error after the upgrade to 1.7.  it is annoying and I too will not go to component cables.  If this can't get resolved, I will find another vendor for my TV service.

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Silver Contributor IV
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It's not an error, it's a handshake verification. You didn't say if your HDMI is working, all you say is you get that code for 1 second which means nothing to the consumer.

Contributor psu319
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Matcarl -


Not sure if you were referring to me or not but since I was the OP, I'll answer.


Yes, it is an error.  When I get the "du1" code my screen goes black and stays that way.  I either have to (a) change the channel, if I am able or (b) turn the TV off and then back on again...sometimes multiple times until the TV will go back to "normal".


My husband has since "fixed" our issue...I'm not sure how and since I'm not the techie here I won't even venture a guess.  I know that it wasn't the way he wanted to, and quite frankly, we expected more out of Verizon.

Copper Contributor NYC-Guy
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On an older Motorola DVR I used to have you would see the DVI code light up on the box for a few seconds when you first turned it on and before the picture appeared on the screen. The handshake was ok after that. I recommend that you request a replacement box and don't let them **bleep** you that it is the HDMI cable you are using.

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