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"free" digital adaptor

"free" digital adaptor

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Hi -

Back during the conversion to analog to digital signal I received a letter from Verizon stating that I could receive 1 digital adaptor at no cost for as long as I stay at my current address and remain a Verizon customer (I think that was the summer of 2008).  I ordered the adaptor via the # provided in the letter, I received the adaptor and no charge was added to my bill.  I was a happy customer.

Sometime in 2009 I noticed that my bill had increased slightly so I took a look.  The adaptor was now showing on my bill.  I called Verizon and asked and the response was that the promotion ended after 6 months.

I called Verizon today about changing my service and while I was on the phone I mentioned this fee and this time I was told that the "free" equipment was only during the actual conversion time and once the conversion was over the adaptors were no longer free.

Well I started looking on-line and it seems that I am not alone with the frustration of being told the item would be free as long as you reside at your current address and remain a Verizon customer but all of a sudden having the fee adding on randomly.  I find it surprising also, that some customers still report that they are still not being charged and some are being charged.  Why is it that some of us only received a limited promotion and others are still receiving this promotion.

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I have had 2 of those for the last 2 years and have never been billed for them.  Have not used them in about a year, I guess I should return them.


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I have one of the free DCT700 boxes, it shows on my bill every month at $3.99 and then there is a credit of $3.99. I just checked my latest bill to make sure, still that way. So you most certainly should be able to get credit for all the months you have been billed and paid, assuming you really have met the requirements, which as best I remember was continued service at the same physical location.


I installed and activated my DCT700 when I first received it and made sure it worked, then put it back in the box for maybe a year, as I had a free QIP2500 deal for a year. But the free 2500 deal finally expired, so I got the DCT700 out a couple of months ago and used it for a month, hated it, went back to my original QIP2500 (my original idea was to replace the 2500 now that I had to actually pay for it, but since the DCT700 does not have the Guide or Favorites feature, and I have used that heavily to eliminate a whole bunch of channels, I went back to the 2500 and will just have to pay the $$$$s). I am keeping the DCT700 though, just in case one of my STBs does fail, at least I could view something on that TV.


Good luck on getting a credit, I would hope it will be easy to get.


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I have had the same issue.  Did you get any resolution on why you were given a limited promotion and others a live long promotion?

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