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remote code for Hannspree TV

remote code for Hannspree TV

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I just got a new Hannspree 25-inch LCD. Anyone have any experience with a FIOS remote code for Hannspree? The posted list of TV codes doesn't show that brand.

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miket525 wrote:

I just got a new Hannspree 25-inch LCD. Anyone have any experience with a FIOS remote code for Hannspree? The posted list of TV codes doesn't show that brand.



Finding a code for a TV that is not listed. There are many TVs that may share a common code. Here is a link to the support page regarding the remotes.

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Used the directions above with this TV and the remote will turn off the Tv and I save the code but it will not turn the TV back on so no luck with that solution anyone else have any ideas?

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the remote may not necessarily work with all aspects and/or all devices.... You may need to use the remote that came with that device.... or purchase a third party universal/learning remote.


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I was told by Hannspree that there is no code specific to them.  The support person said other people had success with the following manufacture codes on the FIOS STB:  NEC; AOC; and nVision.


I was able to setup the Hannspree RC to control the FIOS Motorola STB using 0015.  Seems to work fine.  The Hanspree TV I got was the ST259MUBUFH3S model from Costco.

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I just got a new 28 inch Hannspree HDTV.  I found now code so used the 922 option to program the remote.  The remote will turn off the TV but will not turn on.  Any further info from either Hannspree or Verizon on the program codes for this set with the Phillips RC?

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Code 0205 worked for me. It will allow you to turn the TV on and off, volume up and down, mute and input select. This seems to me to be all thats needed, use the Hannspree remote for the TV setuup.

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I, purchased a Hannspree 25" LCD TV and could not find codes to program the remote for Fios. I called Verizon's tech support and the tech could not get it programmed either.  We, came to the conclusion, that the remote was the problem. I received a new remote today, with a list of new codes and the code for the Hannspree. The new remote  is different from the old one and it works! The code for the Hannspree 25" , that worked for me is code 148



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The problem with the "new" remote they sent you is, it is not a universal remote like the old one. It will only allow you to control the TV and the Set Top Box. The old one also allowed you to control a DVD plus one other (Tape Drive, Receiver, etc.). With all the bells and whistles Verizon FIOS offers, it seems strange to me, they would downgrade their remote from being to control other items........

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Unfortunately only turned it off and not on with the 0205.  Thanks though.

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