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remote control problem

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remote control problem

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i have the verizon fios cable box and the remote is not responding. the remote is programmed to my tv as well and for my tv, everything is fine. but when i try to chage channels, turn it on/off the box blinks and the remote light up but the cable box won't respond. i tried resetting the remote (and reprogramming) but the remote seems to only operate the tv.


help! thanks in advance.

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Device: LG Cell Phone
Plan: Don't know the name
Location: Sarasota Florida

Re: remote control problem

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You may be a victim of the IMG upgrade they tried yesterday, but which failed.. Try disconnecting the power from your STB and after a minute, plugging it back in.

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Re: remote control problem

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Hey I saw someone shared some useful information with you did it work because we would like to know if you still need our help to resolve the issue you.

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