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remote volume stops working but still changes channels

remote volume stops working but still changes channels

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my remote volume will stop working after a while and i always would reprogram it.  fios told me all i have to do is press "tv" and "volume" same time and it will work.  this isn't working? anyone have remedy?
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There are many considerations for these remote control issues. The Verizon  Supplied (Motorola or Phillips made) remote controls are designed to first work the cable company’s set-top-box, and then operate as many TV’s on the planet that it possibly can. Meaning it might never quite bas a good with your TV as the remote that came with the TV.


Still there’s hope! Especially if it used to work! Here’s some things to try…

1.) Is it possible the remote got switched from one room to another? Think of these cable-company supplied “universal” remotes as being married to the TV not the set-top-box.

2.) Try fresh batteries, the TV may need more “punch” from the remote than the set-top-box.

3.) Re-Program the remote, instructions for this are at:
for the black Phillips remote or at
if you have the gray colored Motorola remote

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Thank you for your input.  the remotes have not been switched.  i have the tv codes listed inside so i know this is accurate.  it does happen on all the remotes.  when i contacted verizon they said i didn't have to reprogram everytime.  just press tv and volume.  that doesn't work.

Batteries have been changed. 

Guess I'll just keep trying.




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Can you power the tv off and on with the remote? If not, that means the remote is not programmed properly.

If it does, I am stuck.....

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the remote is programmed correctly.  tv does go on and off. 
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