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set top box resets self

set top box resets self

Contributor cp3456
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About two weeks ago, one of the set top boxes started to frequently reset itself. Nearly every time it is turned on, it clicks, turns off, and comes back on to show the red download screen. After a few minutes, it goes away and lets us watch tv for a while. Then it repeats the process. Sometimes after the reset, it becomes completely unresponsive. We tried the support number several times and eventually got a new box on Monday. The problem is still present. The other two boxes in the house work fine as do the phone and internet.
In the past, support for issues with the internet have been quickly resolved. I am very disappointed with the quality of support for the set top boxes.

The box is a Motorola qip2500-3. It has the 1.9.4 release.
Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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Since this is working on two STBs, it occurs to me that some how the STBs are crashing (they are special-purpose computers afterall).  There may be something in your home that is causing a spike on the power line that the STBs can't handle (even thought a good design would overcome such things). 


Is the STB plugged into a filtering power strip for power?  That might help.  Is the room temperature where the box is high (it's summer)?


Summer temperatures may an electronic device to overheat and cause it to crash, or aggravate a devices susceptibility to power (current) spikes, or can cause other devices to cause larger current spikes (like a freezer or refrigerator for example).  

Contributor cp3456
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Thank you for replying. The box is plugged into a surge protector and is in one of the coolest rooms. A tech came out yesterday and said that Verizon gave us a bad box to replace the first dud. A tech will come out today and hopefully the third box will work.
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Silver Contributor II
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Hope this message is late and that your problem is already solved. If it's not power and it's not heat, then the only other things to know is if the problem is in the box or the room. Swap the suspect STB with one of the working STBs from another room. See if the problem follows the box or stays in the room.

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