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sometimes going up or down a channel does nothing

sometimes going up or down a channel does nothing

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Copper Contributor
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I have noticed, on both my HD-DVR and HD-STB, that occassionally (but quite frequently) when I go up or down a channel, the info will show that it is going to the new channel, but it remains on the same channel.


Any ideas?


Also, I have noticed that just as frequently, when I go up or down a channel it will very quickly show the new channel info, then display the old channel info for a few seconds, then very quickly show the new channel info.


Very odd...

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
Employee Emeritus
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Hi there.  The first thing that I would do would be to unplug your set top box from power, give it about 10 seconds and plug it back in.  This will reset the box.  If this doesn't do it, let us know.  




Brian K
Verizon Telecom
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I have also experienced this near daily, and it usually corrects after a few channel change tries. This has happened with both the direct channel up/down rocker button, as well as the TV guide. Also I find that sometimes I cannot pause or rewind live programming even when I know buffering has ocurred. Attempts to rewind result in a stutter that moves forward, not backward, in time. When this happens, skip back also doesn't go back but goes forward as far as real time permits. Sometimes if I do successfully pause a show and hit play, I lose all bufffered material and the program leaps ahead to real time.  Other than that, I feel in full control. Thank you.

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Silver Contributor IV
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Yup, I've had this happened few times already and usually keep pressing page up or page down will go away.

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I have the same problem. Very annoying! !Verizon has tried to fix remotely without success. Are all boxes the same?  I want to replace the box

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This is actually a known issue with the IMG.  A fix for this is coming soon...and replacing you STB will not resolve the issue.

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Bronze Contributor II
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This only happens on my non HD box.  Never had that problem on my HD box.

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