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universal code to control our Philips DVP 3680?

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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universal code to control our Philips DVP 3680?

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We would like to be able to control our Philips DVP 3680 with our Verizon Philips rc1445302 universal remote. The problem is that none of the Philips DVD codes provided in the manual or the FiOS Customer Service menu work with the 3680.

I tried the "What if none of the codes worked?" procedure using the "9-2-2 code >>" and stepped through codes for well over an hour but the DVP 3680 responded to none of them.

So my question is - does anyone know what 4-digit code on the Verizon Philips rc1445302 universalremote will get it to work with the DVP 3680?

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Silver Contributor V
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Re: universal code to control our Philips DVP 3680?

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If none of the codes work then it means the remote is not compatible with the device as the codes that control the remote are not built into the fios remote.

Only thing you could do is invest in a different universal remote such as the Logitech Harmony 650 which is pretty much future proof with codes for all devices.


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Re: universal code to control our Philips DVP 3680?

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You might want to investigate this link as a start


I have used a Logitech Harmony One for years ...very pleased with its capabilities.


Please look at my system diagram in My Images...scroll down LHS on my "Handle Page"


the remote controls :

Watch TV

Watch DVD

Play music stored on my Pc


QIP 7100 1,YAMAHA ATS 1080,QIP 7216 P2, iPad 2 WiFi,iPhone SE
Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
Posts: 36
Registered: ‎10-19-2008

Re: universal code to control our Philips DVP 3680?

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Thank you for the replies, SinCara & Tom.

We have a Harmony 880 and it does the job but the buttons have gotten mushy over the years and it no longer has the oomph it used to have despite several battery replacements (the 880 was not cheap and neither are the battery blocks - even generics).


We have had several Philips DVD units over the years and like them very much as they handle both NTSC and PAL discs and are easy to make region-free. We have both a DVP 3680 and an older P5982 in our stack so we can have a "fallback DVD" on hand for those nights where there's nothing watchable on and we're too lazy to decide on what to fetch next from the library binders. All the Philips players use the same remote so both players respond when we use it. An exchange with Philips tech support staff told me there was no way to differentiate the two units with a remote unless we had a physical on/off switch on one player's power line (like a "Clapper").

Programming the 880 bears that out - both power on/off, play, eject, etc at the same time. The Activities on the 880 just tell the rest of the systems which player output to put on the TV.


What I find frustrating is that the Verizon Philips rc1445302 universal remote evidently CAN differentiate between the two Philips players because the P5982 responded the the second code on the list but the 3680 will not respond to any.

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