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FiOS PHONE - How come I have No Dial Tone?

FiOS PHONE - How come I have No Dial Tone?

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Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the dial tone problem on your FiOS phone.

1.    If no dial tone is present on your phone, check to make sure that all receivers are on the hook and the telephone line is plugged into the jack.

2.    If the problem is on one phone only, use a different phone. If you still do not have a dial tone, try a different phone jack to determine whether the issue is with the phone or the phone jack.
If the issue is with the phone jack or is happening on all of your phones, contact Verizon Repair for assistance.

3.    If your problem is happening on all of your calls, go to each device connected to FiOS (such as your phone, modem, and fax) and begin to disconnect them one at a time.

4.    After you disconnect a device, leave it disconnected. Wait 30 seconds, then go to the next device and check if it has a dial tone.
If there is a dial tone, then the last device that was unplugged is the faulty device and should be replaced.

5.    Reconnect all other devices except the faulty device and check each for proper operation.
If the faulty device now works, mark it and if the problem happens again you can check that device first.
If the problem persists, begin troubleshooting your phone equipment Is the problem on all your telephone sets?
•    Yes - Your next step is to determine if the problem is with inside or outside wiring. If you get dial tone at our ONT. The problem is inside wiring.

•    No - You most likely have faulty phone equipment that you will have to replace.

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