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FiOS PHONE - Why do I have static on my phone?

FiOS PHONE - Why do I have static on my phone?

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If you are hearing static, make sure that there is not a problem with any of your equipment.

1.    Unplug the phone from its wall jack.
2.    Plug a working phone into the jack.
3.    Check if the static persists.
o    If yes, your next step is to test at your ONT.
o    If no, you have faulty phone equipment.

Static on a cordless phone: If you are using a cordless phone, unplug the phone from the wall outlet and the jack.

If the problem is resolved by removing the phone, refer to your cordless equipment owner's manual or replace the equipment. Worn or old equipment Old phone equipment may affect the quality of your phone service. Check the phone jack If you think that your telephone jack is the problem and you know that your telephone is in good working condition, unplug the phone from the suspect jack. If the phone works properly in another jack, then the suspect jack or the inside wire is the problem.

Upkeep on inside wiring or jacks is the customer's responsibility. Verizon maintains the outside wiring. Repairs for inside wiring or jacks If you have a problem with your inside wiring or jacks, you can choose to fix it yourself, hire a provider of your choice, or contact Verizon to request repair service. A service charge will apply for Verizon Repair assistance.

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