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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Discussion Thread

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Discussion Thread

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Season 8, Episode 4 "The Last of The Starks"

Good Morning Thronees! We appreciate your patience and thank you for being here to discuss the latest episode from our favorite show. With only two more episodes left the end is coming faster than we could ever be ready for. We start this episode off saying our final goodbye to all of the fallen soldiers from the battle of Winterfell. We see a touching final send-off between Daenerys, and Jorah Mormont, who is one of her most trusted advisors, before the bodies of the dead are burned. After the funeral, it is time to party in Winterfell to celebrate the defeat of the Night King. We see Gendry being honored for making all of the dragonglass weapons used in the battle, with Queen Daenerys declaring him to longer be a **bleep**, and also Lord of Storm’s End. Everyone is having a blast at the feast, celebrating Jon for being the hero he never wanted to be. Daenerys quickly realizes not only is she alone in Winterfell, but with Jon having the best claim to her throne, that she is alone in her belief that she would make the best ruler of Westeros. Gendry seeks out Arya, and finds her still practicing ways to kill her enemies below the castle. He is unable to contain his excitement as he asks his boo to be his wife and become the Lady of Storm’s End. She breaks his heart by telling him what we already know, that Arya is not wife material as she would much rather go kill the remaining people on her list, than be the lady of any castle. He is not the only one heartbroken though as back at the feast as our favorite wildling Tormund struggles to deal with his crush Brienne of Tarth falling for Jaime Lannister. Brienne and Jamie also struggle, but ultimately give into their feelings for each other, and consummate their romance.  Jon and Daenerys finally talk about him being her nephew and Daenerys begs Jon to keep their little big secret so that she may keep the throne. Noble as ever, Jon does what he feels is right and decides he has to tell Arya and Sansa that he is their cousin, and not their brother swearing them to not tell anyone else. Sansa who still hates Daenerys for no fathomable reason, proves that she can’t be trusted and tells Tyrion almost as soon as finding out. Sansa and Daenerys face-off again when Dany holds a strategy meeting on finally taking the Iron Throne. Everyone is trying to do this with the least amount of bloodshed and Sansa brings up a good point about Dany’s army needing rest before traveling to King’s Landing. Daenerys is not trying to hear it, feeling she has waited long enough to take what is hers. They devise a plan with her the dragons and her army travelling by sea to Dragonstone, and Jon and his folks traveling by land to King’s Landing. Bronn catches Tyrion and Jaime off guard in Winterfell coming on Cersei’s order to kill them, however instead and in typical Bronn fashion he instead barters the brothers lives for the promise of Highgarden, one of the most beautiful castles in Westeros. iWe get what seems like a final goodbye between Jon, Tormund and the goodest boy ever, Jon’s direwolf Ghost. Sadly, Ghost didn’t even get a final belly rub or ear scratch from Jon after losing an ear in the battle, just being directed by Jon to follow Tormund. We hope Tormund will be the companion Ghost deserves lol. Jon heads south, but he is not the only one with Arya Stark and her frenemy The Hound on their way to King’s Landing for “unfinished business.” Cersei is the last one on Arya’s infamous list, and it is presumed The Hound is on his way south to confront his half-dead giant older brother and Cersei’s personal zombie guard, The Mountain. Meanwhile as Daenerys and her fleet head south her hand, Tyrion has told her “advisor” Varys the news about Jon Snow, and Varys starts plotting to put Jon on the throne. Other than that they are sailing south smoothly when out of nowhere and undeservedly Rhaegal is struck down by massive arrows shot by no other than Euron Greyjoy. Daenerys and Drogon are ready to blow him up, but Daenerys wisely retreats instead. Unfortunately for her and her army, they are ambushed by Euron and these arrows and her forces get blasted to smithereens. Luckily most of our favorite characters wash up along shore, however sadly we soon realize Missandei has been captured by Cersei. Upon hearing this Jaime breaks Brienne’s heart leaving in the middle of the night heading to King’s Landing to stick by his sister, and true love, Cersei. Daenerys sends Tyrion and Cersei sends Qyburn to a final parlay between the two queens in an attempt to save King’s Landing from the upcoming carnage. Tyrion attempts to plead to Cersei to try to protect her unborn baby, but in typical Cersei fashion she instead decides to kill Daenerys’ best friend, the beautiful Missandei. Missandei’s final word is a call to her lover Greyworm, and her Queen Daenerys “Dracarys”, ensuring us viewers that Season 5 will be one of the most heated episodes ever!

Thanks again guys for your support. We want to hear what you think about episode 4 and what are your top predictions for the battle of King’s Landing! Will Cersei be defeated? If so, who will be the one to kill the Queen?  



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Re: Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Discussion Thread

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But the question still is "Who will win Game of Thrones and rule the Seven Kingdoms? Smiley Wink

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