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Frustrated with lack of resolution!

Frustrated with lack of resolution!

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Over the past two weeks I have talked with countless Verizon reps that have been unable to help me. Each one has passed me from one department to another, from ordering to provisioning, to level two support and then back to ordering, from FIOS support to ordering. Each department blames the next with no solution, while ultimately I just keep getting passed around. I feel as though Verizon does not care about resolving my phone problems and each rep only cares about getting my call off his/her screen and passed on to another rep. I have been given commitment dates on three occasions to have the problem resolved and I am still without a resolution to voice mail notification with my One-Point Voice Mail service. It would have been nice if anyone of the Verizon reps could have followed up after I wsa promissed a resolution to my problem. I have spent uncountable hour’s on-hold while half the Verizon reps I have talked to do not even understand the feature I am having problems with.I  have had at least two Verizon reps tell me that until my call they had never even hear of the feature and learned about it because of my phone call. I am frustrated that it has become my responsibility to explain to Verizon features which they provide.


If it would be possible to have some single point of contact that could help me resolve this problem with my voicemail, please let me know who can help me! I am on the verge of contacting the California Public Utilities Commission and filling a complaint too see if I can get any resolution.

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