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Information on Credit for Loss of Service due to Hurricane Sandy

Information on Credit for Loss of Service due to Hurricane Sandy

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Hi All-


Verizon is offering credit to all those who lost services due to Hurricane Sandy as well as waiving fees associated with equipment replacements. In order to get credited, you must report an issue. If you haven't done so yet, you can do so by going to Verizon.com/repair and following the proper steps there.


In addition, Verizon Wireless will be crediting customers for voice and text overages for customers in New York and New Jersey counties affected by Hurricane Sandy. For additional information regarding wireless credits, please see http://t.co/yexyu10T


I hope that helps!



Copper Contributor rrdaniel2
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Agreed.  Verizon.com/repair has sent me in circles for hours at a time.  I rever did manage to enter a repair request through the troubleshooting ---> repair ticket entry mechanisms of the website.  So, as far as I can tell, there is no ticket in my case.


I went through multiple troubleshooting/repair paths many times on the website without ever being able to enter a ticket:


1) verify ID ---> troubleshooting routine (no reolution found) ---> call 800 VERIZON. where no one answers the phone

2) verify ID ---> troubleshooting routine (no reolution found) ---> an outage has been reported in your area, repair expected by [next day, with the intended repair date changing daily to the following day at 00:18]

3) verify ID ---> troubleshooting routine (no reolution found) ---> error message: 

Too many redirects occurred trying to open “http://www22.verizon.com/Support/Residential/Homepage.htm” 


I went through all of those paths at least a dozen times each over five-and-a-half days without ever being able to enter a ticket.  And I spent over 10 hours on the phone in a five-day period without ever getting an answer.


I finally managed to reach a customer service rep via chat.  After explaining my situation -- which I had already diagnosed myself, thanks in part to my own troubleshooting (not the website's) and thanks in part to these forums -- Verizon agreed to send a technician the next day. (The problem was my battery backup unit, which was damaged by the power surge when electrical service was reestablished. The tech replaced the BBU and all was well.)  So... once I got through to Verizon, I had a rapid repair, thanks to the fact that Verizon fiber optic lines had not gone down in my area and FIOS was known to be functional in my suburban neighborhood.


However, I find no trace of a ticket entered in relation to my report of problems.  As I figure it, it will be no ticket, no credit. So... I'll pay full freight for FIOS service that I did not have for about six days and for customer service that was far from superb for most of that week.  


Offering a credit only to those who properly entered a ticket probably means failing to extend appropriate credit to large numbers of folks inconvenienced by service outages and equipment failure.  In my view, that falls a bit short.


Just my two cents.  Believe me, I am grateful for having finally gotten a solution to my non-functional ONT related to a malfunctioning BBU.  Still, I am not highly impressed with Verizon's response.  And I'm not sure I'll remain a FIOS customer.

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Agreed.  The link DOES NOT WORK!

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I lost service for 11 days reported lines down to Verizon.


 Verizon Service out from October 29th to November 8th, 2012.


 Repairman came out to fix. 


I received my bill today 11/15/12  no credit for loss of service on bill.


Why is it that Verizon can't  just credit customers on their bills for loss of service.


Why is it, that the customer has to go in circles to receive a credit on their bill for no service and get the run around.


We have enough issues dealing with Hurrican Sandy.


We should not have to add this issue to the list.


 Please I need help on this issue ASAP.


Thank you for your help.



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We are glad that your billing issue was resolved.  If anything else is needed we are always here to assist you.



Tonya D.


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Bronze Contributor II
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It is not actually resolved as I have not received my December Bill showing the credit amount on the bill.   


Please keep my Case open until December 31, 2012 until I actually receive my bill acknowledging the credit on my bill.


Thank you for your assistance.

Copper Contributor bobbyjoanne
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same thing here..the customer service had me losing my mind, we had no phone servce for one month and 2 days and when I spoke to a rep to get credit. the other day...she more or less told me to prove it..swtiched over to TWC for now as we needed our land line, our cell phone bill was off the charts..never had a bill like that in my cell phone life =)) all is ok now but I am not paying for the month of November..you should deduct that week you lost too??

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Bronze Contributor II
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I received my bill today; it shows the credit.


You can now close out my support case regarding this issue.


Thank you for your support regarding this issue.

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Hello Tiara


You need to go to the link for your support case on your profile page, and let the agent know, there.

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