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Advice on FIOS bundle

Contributor newbiefios
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Hi All,

Verizon is coming tomorrow to install my triple play - phone,tv, and internet.  I got a bit nervous after reading the negative comments about the post install service as well as inconsistent / poor wireless connections.  Currently I have a comcast HSI connected with Motorola cable modem and Linksys flashed with Tomato firm ware.  I have limited HD channels but no problem with the internet connections at all.  My question is, should I tell the Verizon tech in advance that I want ethernet connection (vs. coax) for the verizon router or bridge my current Linksys with whatever router that Verizon provided? Or should I wait and see how the services are after they're installed.  I'm trying to be proactive since I don't have the luxury to wait for tech support if my phone and internet services are interrupted.  I use internet, wireless network, wireless printer, and fax constantly for work. 

Thank you in advance. 

Contributor kchristian219
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Stay with Comcast.
Copper Contributor bigdaddyfios
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click here click here for future pricing advice as far as boxes

 digital adapter=3.99

standard non hd= 5.99

hd box=9.99



and one is free with the service.


the person above is clueless about what she is talking about.Smiley Mad

Contributor Recon
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I will tell you straight from the heart this is the worst service ever.  I was in a bundle with verizon phone and internet, with Direct TV.  My bill never changed unless I ordered a UFC fight.  I get FIOS TV and the hell begins.  I get extra charges on my bill and they say it is a computer issue and the will put the money back on my bill, which I spend and hour on the phone.  I invite friends over for a UFC fight twice both times there is problems.  On each fight I spent an hour to two on the phone with customer service.  The first fight they gave me credit and with the second one they take it off and then put it back on.  I use to try to stay green, but the new thing they are doing is forgetting to send me my bill on line.  The customer service is great after you wait an hour on the phone to try to get someone.  I have sent e-mails to them, because I refuse to spend anymore time on the phone with them and they forget to send me e-mails back to answer my question.  I have turned about 20 of my friends away from FIOS sorry i did not get to you in time.  Good Luck and there should be deals with other services after the year... I am almost done with the hell
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Copper Contributor donaldm823
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Take the VZ bundle with a smile.  I switched over from COMCAST and have never regretted.  The non HD station reception quality borders on HD quality-much better than COMCAST.  The HD stations are significantly better than COMCAST (heard it was due to cable compression of the HD signal).  My internet is much faster 20/5 for the same price.   And the VZ bundle price keep changing since they try to match COMCAST prices.  The various boxe rentals are cheaper than COMCAST also


Bottom line, COMCAST when they had the monolpoly kept raising theri prices.  Now VZ keeps adding services at a lower price.  I fidure I am saving $60.00 per month based on my COMCAST bills from 2008.

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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It's true. It's honestly better all around the board. Faster internet, better tv, and clearer phone. (plus cheaper price)
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