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Am I being Bait and Switched?

Am I being Bait and Switched?

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New customer that had Fios installed two days ago. I signed up for the 89.99 internet gig/custom TV bundle (79.99 after Auto-pay discount). Initial email that the CS rep sent reflected this price with added rental/fees/taxes for a total of $123 per month.


After the tech installed, a follow up email was sent saying my auto pay discount request was processed but instead of a reduced 79.99, the price of the bundle was raised to 109.99. I called customer service and they think when my auto pay discount was applied, the system made a mistake. So the CR sent me an email where I clicked on a link showing changes she made reflecting the correct 79.99 cost of the bundle and I also had to click on a button to close out of the screen. She said a follow up email will be sent with the finalized changes. 


An hour later I get another email saying the following order has been processed reflecting the $109.99 yet again. Called back and a different CR told me that in her system, it shows I have the $79.99 price, but sees the emails being sent to me saying my cost is $109.99. She said to wait for the first bill and if it is wrong that SHE will fix it and contact me to let me know it has been fixed.


After all of these bait and switch complaints I’ve seen about Fios CS, am I getting bait and switched where this ongoing confusion over the correct price of the bundle will drag on past the 30 days I have to cancel? Even if it’s just a quirky glitch and the emails being sent to me are wrong, it doesn’t exactly instill confidence that no one at Verizon can seem to email me a confirmation email with the correct price of what I agreed to. Between this and another issue I posted about excessive fan noise from the Arris Fios One, box... I’m starting to regret switching from Comcast despite their higher cost.

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Here is a thought. Call up and cancel and then when everything is returned, sign up for internet only. The gig price is or was $69.99 for new customers. You can then get a streaming service like YouTube tv or Hulu Tv or Philo Tv for around $20-50 and you save money. Another thing to do is use your own router and you save $12 a month in rental fees ($144 a year savings) plus there is no tax on internet only so no taxes and surcharges. 


Just get internet only. Doesnt even have to be gigabyte, do 150/150 for $50 or 100/100 for $40 

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Hi Cmay_914,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.

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I’ve been with Fios for one week and I’m already ready to cancel before the 30 days. After finally getting the whole $89.99 debacle fixed where they kept sending me emails saying my plan now costs $109.99 eventhough I signed up for $89.99, I finally get my first bill and there is this Video Franchise Fee for an additional $8.95. In the 10+ bill summaries that they sent me in the past week trying to get the above mentioned issue resolved, none of them including this additional fee in the section with fees/taxes. The most recent bill summary which was sent directly from a supervisor’s own email that supposedly reviewed everything to ensure they finally got it correct did not have this fee and I specifically asked them if this will be what the first bill will be excluding a $49.50 installation charge and they assured my yes. On top of that, my auto-pay discount was not included even though that was processed before I even had the service installed which the original sales person said it would be if I submitted everything immediately. Eventhough Comcast was more expensive and certainly were far from perfect either CS wise, I never had this many issues over billing in the 10+ years I had Comcast and I’ve been with Fios for just one week!!!! Is there anyone with Verizon Fios that is helpful. I’ve also been with Verizon wireless for 10+ years and never had any issues like this either.


and.... I’ve been on hold for 1.5 hours already this morning waiting to be connected to someone from billing. Is Verizon this bad that they have this many people in queue with CS?

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