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BEWARE: Very Deceptive Sales Tactics

BEWARE: Very Deceptive Sales Tactics

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Yesterday I received a call from Verizon, since I had just signed up online for a DVR upgrade I suspected this call was in regards to the DVR switch. The conversation started with the female Verizon rep asking if I was the owner of the account and/or able to make decisions/changes to the FIOS account. Excitedly I replied "yes", thinking that my new DVR box was ready to be shipped my way. Well, instead the Verizon rep went on a 2 1/2 minute spiel regarding their 1/2 price HBO special. While trying to find the right moment to politely interrupt and decline the offer, the sales rep concluded the pitch buy saying "so you should see the change to your bill in the next few weeks...". "Whoa, whoa whoa" was my response," what do you mean I will see the charges for the new service? I haven't been given the opportunity to say whether I want this package or not!" The Verizon rep replied that I had agreed to the purchase when I said "yes" to being able to make decisions/changes to the FIOS account (the question she asked before even starting the sales pitch). I quickly informed her that if any new charges showup on my fios account I would be canceling my entire FIOS account. She just continued on with her sales pitch, at which point I hung up. So, if you are a FIOS customer in the Maryland area be cautious of any calls from Verizon number .


SHAME on you Verizon for using such deceptive sales tactics.


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This sounds like an inside job from a calling center that I'm sure Verizon pays for to do outbound calls for offers. That is pretty shabby how that rep. acted though and shouldn't have happend. She gets paid when you take the offer and could care less what happens after it so she's obviously abusing her job/power. Sad people are like this these days. 


I would defiently get on the opt. out list for calls.

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I am sorry to hear about the phone call you received. I have sent you a private message to get more account information to see if changes were made.


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