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Been trying to return a phone for a month - No label supplied, threatened with being charged

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Been trying to return a phone for a month - No label supplied, threatened with being charged

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Hello there Verizon!

I sure hope somebody takes notice of this and tries to help me, because I've been given incorrect information so many times my head is spinning, and combined with the stress from covid, I am concerned for my personal health.

Leaving personal details aside, I purchased the Samsung Galaxy FE 5G . Little did I know that there were touchscreen issues on some of these phones released, and I so happened to be one of the lucky ones that received these flawed phones. 

I originally reached out to you on October 14th or 15th requesting a return label. The agent's name I spoke to was Bryce. After 2 hours of trying to get a return processed, he finally told me he was unable to provide me with any kind of tracking number for a return label. When I requested a supervisor call back, he told me someone named Angie would be calling me within 2 hours. Keep in mind this was a Saturday, so I sat there for 2 hours ready for the call to come in, trying not to get distracted.

Well, that supervisor call never arrived. Not within 2 hours nor ever. The correct phone number was provided. Upon further inspection by other agents, Bryce never even left a single note in the system on what he needed to do. So I called again, cue the following week.

I spoke to an agent named Steve during my multiple calls to you, spanning on almost 6 hours now of purely talking to agents, disregarding hold times. Steve was great, he was truly honest with me about the situation and that he was going to transfer me to the proper escalation department to get this resolved. He promised he would get me to the right department, and if not he would hang out on the line with me. Well he didn't - he sent me through to a closed department, the line dropped, and I had to call back again.

Queue the nightmare  continuation of the worst customer service experience I've ever had in my life. I call back again. I get another rep, believe his name was Chris. Still waiting on getting the call logs pulled with my local officials so that I can review them all. Chris told me that what happened to me never should have happened, and that is not how verizon does business. This was on Friday, October 23rd. Chris promised me everything would be worked out and a shipping label would be on its way and my restocking fee removed and balance dismissed due to the poor customer service and hours I spent on the phone.

I called in again and spoke to a very kind woman from the Phillipines. Believe her name was Marie, didn't catch it from her accent. I told her that I was choosing to remain calm and accept that human beings can make mistakes, and begged for any kind of help possible. Marie told me she would do whatever she could on her end and had me disconnect the line.

Queue my calls today with your staff. Your staff informed me that because I cancelled my service with verizon on October 17th, within 1 day of when I received the phone, that is when my return period started and today was the FINAL day I could return the phone, 11/2/2020. They also told me there was no way for your staff to send customized emails. Well then, how was a rep able to send me the following customized email regarding being reimbursed for charges in the image attached? I informed the representative I spoke to today that if I have to return the phone today, at the moment she was speaking, that would mean I will have to risk my life speeding to the Verizon store as it was closing soon. At the time of calling I would not be able to make it to UPS or USPS as they were closed, so I was basically told I was stuck with a $700 phone and that I signed a contract. Well, I don't recall ever providing my digital signature or a written signature to keep a faulty product when requesting a return within the return period and then not be provided a return label for it over, and over, and over again.

I had an awakening today when I realized that Verizon doesn't see me as a human being, but as their enemy. I am simply a slave to their whims. The way words are spun on the phone, the way half-truths are spoken in order to get me off the phone, the 'accidental failure' of writing notes in your system multiple times. All of it piles up to me being worth lesser than a human being. And I guess I have to accept the fact that maybe I am human garbage - that is how I have been made to feel.

Verizon, all I want is a return label so I can return this defective phone. I can't believe I had to come to the point of posting on the community forums to hopefully garner some attention. I will say that if you delete this post, please inform me on what information needs to be removed in order to reinstate this post. And because I am a first time poster, I am not very familiar with your rules, so if I have broken any please give me the opportunity to do so.. I simply want a return label emailed to me, as I have requested multiple times to pay for a return label to be sent to me. I am being told that I cannot be provided a return label because I don't have an active account - after the world of pain I've gone through, I don't see why you can't set up a temporary account to send me the prepaid label as requested.

Please see the photos attached and make a decision for yourself on whether or not my story is true. Please understand that if you delete this post and cannot explain to me why it is deleted, my only basis I have to go off of is that this post is bad PR for your company. I have visual proof you are able to send me a custom email. I have visual proof I was offered a return label be sent to me, yet it was not received. I am currently working on getting the recordings of every call to provide to your staff, even though staff claims they can't review calls - what is the purpose then of recording them for quality and training purposes if they will not be used for quality purposes? You should just change your automated message to "We're listening to you, but we don't actually have a system to help you. It's actually just to train new employees and not for quality assurance"

Maybe this is punishment by God. I've been a sinner in some way unbeknownst to myself. I'm not sure. All I know is that an agent tried to scare me into saying this was my last chance to return the phone, while the following agent I told to said I have until the return label arrives and that the delay in mail isn't my fault. So this is something that I will have to go to whatever authorities my family recommends I go to, because I am not familiar with being treated this way as a customer and do not know all of my options. If I bring the phone to return it to a physical location, I am worried about the way the salespersons will treat me and whether or not I will get all reimbursed, and due to covid with having an elderly family member in the household at high risk, I think that's fairly awful to tell someone they have a 2 hour time window to rush to the store. My mother approached me because she saw I looked like I was about to cry and asked me what she can do to help because she saw me frantically by my car with my car started, but I didn't want to burden my mother already with her job being so stressful.Screenshot_20201103-004441.pngScreenshot_20201103-004450.pngScreenshot_20201103-010350.pngScreenshot_20201103-010618.pngScreenshot_20201103-010715.pngScreenshot_20201103-012451.pngScreenshot_20201103-012503.pngScreenshot_20201103-012623.pngScreenshot_20201103-012633.pngScreenshot_20201103-012827.pngScreenshot_20201103-012844.png

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Re: Been trying to return a phone for a month - No label supplied, threatened with being charged

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It appears verizon has stopped my photos from appearing. Maybe they are too large. If there is another acceptable manner verizon to provide these photos please let me know.

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Re: Been trying to return a phone for a month - No label supplied, threatened with being charged

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Hello Verizon, 

I am doing my best to work this out amicablly with your company but so far after spending this many hours on the phone, I have also gone ahead and made a post on a popular social media site containing this content. The end of the URL is /r/verizon . I'm sure you can make your best guess. Tomorrow I will begin tweeting local news stations in an attempt for support if I don't see any kind of response within 24 hours.

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Re: Been trying to return a phone for a month - No label supplied, threatened with being charged

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Right company wrong department. 


that is where you need to post.

1-800-922-0204 is their phone number. Or you can go into a Verizon corporate store (no reseller) and sort it out.

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Re: Been trying to return a phone for a month - No label supplied, threatened with being charged

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