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Beware of E-mail messages Deleted by Verizon

Beware of E-mail messages Deleted by Verizon

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Verizon has deleted all my e-mail messages from Inbox over 30 days old. No warning e-mail message was sent by Verizon to save them somewhere else. When I called Verizon Technical Support, I was told that all e-mail messages over 30 days are automatically deleted by Verizon. This is the first time I came to learn about it. I have e-mail accounts with Hotmail and others which are free of charge. Many of my e-mail messages have been there for two years, but never deleted by Hotmail. They will not delete e-mail messages or deactivate accounts as long as signed on to the accounts within 30 days.


I have contract with Verizon which has not expired and payment is current. It does not make business sense to delete paid customers' e-mail messages without any reason. I asked Verizon that all e-mail messages are archived in a server and should be able to retrieve them. There are many important e-mail messages I had which have been deleted by Verizon. I have requested Verizon to retrieve them from server where all archive e-mail messages are stored. Verizon technical support informed me that e-mail messages deleted could not be retrieved. It is hard to believe that Verizon Technical Support are not very efficient to know that archive materials could be retrieved. E-mail messages are important and government has regulations to deamand them from Internet Service Providers for legal matters. If government demands e-mail messages from Verizon, how they are going to explain that they could not provide deleted e-mail messages. Are we unsmart to acceept what Verizon tell us to believe?   

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#1 On your computer use an e-mail client

#2 OR if you want them to be stored online, fine. Create another folder, and store them there.

Does any of these two things help you?

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I use webmail and I have yet to have an email deleted. I have fios, I dont know if its a DSL thing, but if you use fios it does not auto delete anything.
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Chances are that they do run some type of archiving of their exchange server. I know our company does, although the retrieval takes a little more effort that a normal retrieval does using shadow copies. I know for a fact that IT CAN BE DONE. There is also a feature within outlook when enabled in the registry to retrieve your deleted emails. I do not know what the time limit is on that though; I have personally used this feature to retrieve users emails myself. I am sure VZW has some sort of disaster recovery in the event a drive fails, there are certainly copies available to restore the data as well. 


I am including the registry fix to enable the ' dumpster ' in Outlook, which is the recovery of deleted emails.




[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Exchange \Client \Options]

DumpsterAlwaysOn = 1 


By default Outlook uses offline files located in the user profile with a *.ost file extension. (these are hidden files by the way) to keep copies of your email for off line use.



You need to find the policy that states this first off ( If any ), and rattle their saber a little as well.


VZW is yanking your chain !

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In all likelihood fios does not use exchange for email. They would just use a pop server, They do not even support IMAP.
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Maybe so, but if you are using outlook as the client, the dumpster and the .ost files still apply for offline messages, and it is still possible that those messages can be retrieved if in the .ost file.
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actually timsykes,


Per the Terms of service, any e-mail stored on the Verizon web server over 30 days can be deleted by Verizon with no warning, both on DSL and Fios. Does not happen often but it does happen. Verizon has a bot that goes in occasionally to free up space on the services.


There are two possible solutions. (for future, does not help with emails already deleted)


as for recovery, verizon currently has no "public" way of retreiving emails. (part of the TOS). There are ways to retreive for Law enforcement but those services are not available to the average user.


1. create sub folders on the web page as the auto cleaner usually only cleans the "inbox" and "trash"


2.  use a email client program like outlook, outlook express, thunderbird, etc.  (this is the best choice as the emails are stored on your computer)


Point is, that the emails CAN be deleted even on fios.

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Verizon's current E-mail Retention Policy:

The following rules apply to the retention of e-mails in your Verizon Online e-mail account ([your user name]@verizon.net).

  • All email in your inbox or personal folders that is either unread or marked unread will be deleted after 90 days.
  • All read email will be retained indefinitely as long as you do not exceed the maximum storage quota for your mailbox. You can determine the available storage space for your mailbox via the Email Storage window in the left column of your mailbox.
  • All email in the trash folder will be deleted after 2 days.
  • All email in the Spam detector folder will be deleted after 4 days.


When signing up for Verizon's service, you agree to their Terms of Service. This includes a section regarding any changes they make, stating that they do not have to notify you of changes. This is STANDARD for the industry.


You can always find the current Policies and Terms of Service by following the link at the very bottom of any verizon.net page. That link points here. It is generally a good idea to check this every now and then for changes.


As for retrieving your email, it simply "cannot" be done. Verizon, apparently, re-uses space as soon as it is cleared. Gmail uses this practice also, claiming it helps to protect your privacy.


Hope this helps clear things up.

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