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Bizarre Installation: Cable Up From Floor ... Into the Wall??

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Bizarre Installation: Cable Up From Floor ... Into the Wall??

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I had a strange situation where Verizon FiOS came and did their install on top of a previous poor job by Comcast that included such lovelinesses as this:


In my son's bedroom, a coaxial cable comes up through the floor (why bother using fish tape in the walls when you can just bore a hole through the floor and incur property damage?) and then affixes to the coaxial jack wall plate on the nearby wall.


If I try to disconnect this cable, then FiOS TV no longer functions inside the house, although FiOS Internet and phone appear to be unaffected. This tells me that my TV signal wiring is not in a "star" configuration, but is instead in some kind of loop where if the connection is severed at any point, service goes down.


What in the world is going on here?

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Re: Bizarre Installation: Cable Up From Floor ... Into the Wall??

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OK ... I suspect that the coax which is feeding the TV's is not the same Coax as is connected to the FiOS router.   That connection is probably from a cable run that is some where split off the FiOS Coax network (unsure of which direction heads toward the FiOS connection point -- the cable at the floor or the cable in the wall) and then backfed into the original Coax network in the house which feeds the TV's.   No loop -- just all the TV's need to be on the same Coax cable plant as the Router and the ONT in order to function.


We can try to figure this out if you like ... so, find the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) which is where the FiOS comes into your house.  Fiber will come in one side and out the other side will come Coax (and maybe also a phone cable and Ethernet cable).


Where does this coax from the ONT go next?   What's it connect to?


At the router, what's the connection from it?   Is there a single Coax connection or also an Ethernet connection headed toward the ONT?   Where's that cable from the Router headed specifically?  


The coax at the floor level in the bedroom, where does it go exactly?


Pictures help if you have them.



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