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Brain dead technicians

Brain dead technicians

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Brain dead technicians

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Has anyone else tried the so called on line tech. Help ? Don't waste your time believe me I have spent no less than 2 hours on line with some tech. That goes by the name of Benjamin trying to get a wireless connection to a second computer in my house connected. Went as far as letting him view my computer to reset and configure it to be able to connect to internet. Time and time again  went through the settings and nothing. after the first hour or so when the " You To Can Be A Verizon Technician " book he was reading from fell and he had no clue what page he was on , he started talking to me like I was someone with the IQ of a rock . Where does Verizon find these people? If you can't help me OK I'll move on but don't waste my time doing the same thing again and again. And to top it off get disconnected, now when someone at the beginning of the conversation asks if there is a back up number he can have, Just in case of a disconnection he will be able to call you back  !!!!  Why ask that ? Your not going to, Should have been my first clue. What a great commercial that would be that's a company someone could rely on. Could it get any better ? Oh yes it can there is a Did we answer all your questions ? Was are tech. Helpful ?etc.etc. After answering all their questions go to submit and you get sorry there is only 30 minutes to reply. Dam Verizon if you can't hire real techs. The least you could do is hire people than can tell time.   OK that's it I'm done venting.  I do believe what goes around comes around and Verizon, yours is much over due.....  call when it does  LMAO           

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Re: Brain dead technicians

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Verizon will just try to sell out like they're doing in West Virginia, thus not having to worry about internet customers.  I've spent many hours on telephone with Verizon techs and used up about all my cell phone minutes for over three months now.  I'm going to cable and get better service.

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