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Break Contract due to move and Verizon not available in new location?

Break Contract due to move and Verizon not available in new location?

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I have recently moved and in my new location Verizon is not one of the service providers. When I called to disconnect my service at the old house the customer service rep also checked the new address and confirmed that Verizon would not be able to provide me service. Then she informed me that since I am under contract with Verizon that I would be required to pay $175 for breaking the contract.  This is unreasonable since I have no choice in breaking the contract due to the fact that Verizon cannot provide me the service that the contract specifies. If I were breaking the contract and had the ability to obtain Verizon service, I can completely understand the fee. But, in actuality Verizon is breaking its contract with me by not providing me with service. How do I apeal the cancellation fee?

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This gets asked over and over (try searching the forums).   You accepted the discounts that came with a term contract easily enough, so why wouldn't Verizon have the expectation that you pay up if you terminate early?  By the same token, would you be willing to go back and pay Verizon the higher monthly rate which might be associated with service plus any installation charges that might have been waived as the result of accepting a contract for all the months you've had the service so far?   Wouldn't that be and equally reasonable expectation?   I suspect the cost difference in the end would probably work out in your favor with the ETF.  This is, in large part, why you see providers offer "no ETF contracts" (they have a higher monthly rate, but they don't have an ETF in exchange for that freedom).


The reality is, you signed a contract for service at a given location and the terms were disclosed when you accepted the service.   The fact that Verizon might honor those terms for a relocation is a bonus as I see it, not an obligation.


Looking at it another way ... you chose to move.   Regardless of the reasons -- you moved, not Verizon.  Your selection of a location outside of a Verizon service was your choice, not Verizon's and as such it's not unreasonable to expect you to honor the contract or pay the ETF.   If you moved as part of a relocation plan with a company, then this is something which you should try to get your employer to cover as a relocation expense.


Now, with that said, this is a user forum.  No one here can "fix" this for you.  Talking to customer service is really where you need to direct your inquiry to have any chance of getting them to waive the  ETF.    Good luck with your efforts.

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