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Cablevision gave me a great offer to switch back

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Cablevision gave me a great offer to switch back

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I switched from Cablevision to Verizon for TV, Phone, and Internet back in May, but Cablevision just offered me $69.95 for all three for 2 years. With taxes and fees that comes to $90 a month vs. $115 for Verizon. Plus they will pay the cancellation fee. I'm thinking about it. Has anyone else gotten this kind of offer?

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Silver Contributor III
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Re: Cablevision gave me a great offer to switch back

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I somehow doubt you are the only person that Cablevision contacted.


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Re: Cablevision gave me a great offer to switch back

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A few years ago I had a great package with my cable company as well. Then about 14 months into it they called and offered me a free movie package for 3 months. The following month my bill went up by almost $40.00. When I called they said it was because I changed my package, it negated the deal I was getting.  When I asked to be put back to my old package they were unable to do so as that offer/package I had was no longer in effect, leaving me stuck at the higher rates.


Bottom line, buyer beware. Sometimes a deal is not always what it seems to be.  At that monthly rate for two years, Cablevision is losing money hand over fist.  You can bet they will make that up somehow in the future. They cannot afford not to.

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Comcast lost me this week

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I had comcast for several years for TV and Internet, what now is called a Double Play. Turns out it was Basic Cable plus High Speed Internet. Recently Comcast started removing analog stations and putting them to digital. This was AFTER promising those with cable would suffer no loss due to the changeover.  They did put warnings up on TV channels, then about 10 of them disappeared with a Comcast message page left behind on them.  I tolerated it and then last week another 20+ disappeared with the same message page left up. I called for the DTA and was told I'd have to pay more to get back the same service I'd had for the previous two years.  Not only would that add another $120 to the yearly bill, after about a half year that was going to jump another $240 per year in charges. (from 29.99 to over $50).  This week Verizon is installed and next week Comcast ends.  It's time Comcast discovers it's better to just be honest with customers instead of lying to them about the changeover. It's cheaper to go now with a triple play and lose my POTS, than to continue with divided service between Verizon phone and Comcast cable and internet. To Comcast credit, they gave me internet service when all Verizon offered in my area was dialup service. DSL never came here, but finally FIOS has.

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