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Call center is abysmal

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Call center is abysmal

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OK, for those of you in the Verizon call center, "abysmal" is an English word meaning worse than horrible.  Here are the problems:


1.  They barely speak or understand basic English.

2.  They assume that the customer is a complete technical **bleep** and doesn't understand the problem.

3.  They patronize the customer by constantly repeating "I'm sorry about the problem you are having sir.  I will do my best to fix the problem."  This is insulting when the rest of the conversation confirms they are barely listening to the customer.

4.  They "repeat back" information incorrectly, completely misstating what the customer just told them.

5.  They keep putting you on hold to talk to their "network specialists" (who presumably are in the US) when it would be much more efficient to let the customer speak to the network specialist directly.

6.  They (accidentally or intentionally, I'm not sure) cut off / disconnect the customer from the call, after waiting in a long queue, and then the customer has to call back and go through the lengthy automated process all over again.


Here are some suggestions I have:


1.  Bring the call center back to the U.S. or make sure your call center people are very proficient in speaking and understanding American English, especially technical terms.

2.  You need to flag customers into categories: (a) technology beginner; (b) technology medium; and (c) technology expert.  You can do this by asking the customer to rate themselves or by asking some questions that will easily tell in which category to place the customer.  Then when that customer identifies himself or herself by account or name, that category will pop up on the screen so the call center person doesn't ask an expert "did you plug in the modem?"

3.  If there is information that a network specialist needs, either connect the customer directly with that specialist or send an email to the customer asking for the follow up information.

4.  Show that the customer means a lot to you by assuring they don't get cut off or otherwise mistreated by call center people, otherwise you will lose customers to AT&T or other internet providers.


I have stated some problems and provided some solutions.  Let's see if you are smart enough to implement them.

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Re: Call center is abysmal

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Please submit your idea to the idea exchange so your fellow community members can weigh in on your idea. So that no one misses out on the opportunity to see your idea, we will move it for you automatically if we haven’t heard back from you.

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Re: Call center is abysmal

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I am experiencing the same issues. I call and/or email and get the same answers to a completely different question. I then get "put on hold" and then either disconnected or put back into the queue. I am sooooo frustrated. I am considering calling either Consumer Affairs or a local TV station for the "Shame On You" segment.

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Re: Call center is abysmal

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they must have brought alot of the call center help back stateside I have never had to wait previously this long for support, I have been waiting over and hour.

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Re: Call center is abysmal

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Wireless hub isn't working.  I explained my situation in full to the foreign, non-English-speaking service representative.  He assured me that they would get me a replacement part tomorrow, even though it was Sunday.  Two days later I get a power cord in the mail.


How do you get "power cord" from "wireless hub"?!?

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Re: Call center is abysmal

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I have had no problems with the call center here in Baltimore.   I have had accetable service from the people ro whom  I have talked.

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