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Can I find out WHY FIOS is not availble in Smyrna, DE

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Can I find out WHY FIOS is not availble in Smyrna, DE

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Yeah, yeah, yeah;


I know the official words from Verizon - "Service is unavailable in my area, we are continously expanding...."


We've had fiber on the poles for several YEARS now here in Smyrna (it was run down my street when they expanded the road / put in sidewalks).


Zip code 19977 (Smyrna) has FIOS in New Castle County (I'm a mile into Kent)

Cheswold (the next town south) has FIOS.

Dover has FIOS.

Even Felton has FIOS.


Now, with Smyrna expanding at the rate of 10% per year (5000 households in 2000, 5000 new / approved houses since), I can't see this not being an area that Verizon wouldn't want to expand into.


Currently, I am paying $80 / month to Verizon for phone and DSL, and another $90/ month for Digitial HD from Comcast. All for services that are LESS than what I could get for $99 or $109 / month w/ a FIOS bundle (higher speed + more channels)


So, is this an issue like Wilmington where the local Town of Smyrna politicians are just playing hard-to-get, and want an outrageous amount of money in local franchise fees?  I wouldn't doubt it, since the local franchise fee on my cable service is high, my electric rate is inflated 60% above cost, etc.


If this is the case, then can someone please contact me with any details? I will raise the issue at each and every town hall meeting (weekly) until it is resolved.  It is well worth it to save $70+ /mon !


Thank You.




P.S.  FIOS would also eliminate the BAD and INSUFFICIENT copper that exists in Smyrna.  On my street, there is a notorious bad pair that when someone complains, the service tech comes out and simply moves it to another person of the street.  There are no additional pairs available, so...  The next time it rains hard, that line goes dead...


I've gotten it 3 times in the past 3 years.  





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Re: Can I find out WHY FIOS is not availble in Smyrna, DE

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The best I can do. Check the links on this site.



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Re: Can I find out WHY FIOS is not availble in Smyrna, DE

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If there is fios in felton, they have not made the community aware.
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