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Complaint about Customer Service

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Complaint about Customer Service

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Dear Verizon,

            On January 4th, 2010, I walked into one of your Verizon Plus stores to request some cables and was amazed by the rudeness from your management and employees. Your customer service is horrible and I am very disappointed with Verizon. I spend $265 dollars a month, for a total of $3,180 a year on your services. This is a lot of money that I can definitely spend elsewhere, and will, due to your customer service. Before I go, I would like to make a specific complaint against one of your managers.


Verizon Manager

5484 Moreno St.

Montclair, CA, 91763



This woman immediately snapped at me when introduced and demanded I return “her cables”. Those cables were given to me by one of her employees. She then stated, “ We don’t do that here and you’re going to have to call customer service” Realizing that’s what was needed in order for me to accomplish what I needed, I asked if I could call from the facility and she pointed me to the phones.  She then began to harass me, either because she realized that she snapped at me or just to irritate me. To the extent that she came out of the store to stop my car and ask for my name and phone number so she can “send me an e-mail”.


I should inform you guys why I entered the store. Last year I ordered Verizon Fios and the cable installer used my $150 HDMI cable instead of supplying Verizon’s cable for the HD Box. I now need to use my cable for another HD device. I figured since you didn’t supply me with a cable for your HD box that it should be no problem to supply me one. Was I wrong! I spent over an hour in your office plus another hour and a half on my home phone trying to explain that the cable installer didn’t supply Verizon cables for the cable box. That’s 2 and a half hours trying to acquire component cables that Verizon should have supplied. One employee referred me to Best Buy to purchase the cables. Another employee supplied me with used, cheap, 2 dollar cables and was arguing with me about HD resolution and had an attitude problem. I felt disappointed at your customer service and asked to speak to the manager. Well I now understand why your employees are rude, it’s because your management is rude.


Sorry to post this message on a forum but Verizon does not supply a customer complaint phone number or e-mail. I suggest customer satisfaction should be number one priority to Verizon. Fist step is to ask for customers for feedback.

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Re: Complaint about Customer Service

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It is absolutely impossible and difficult to get any customer service.  It is not surprising that customers have snapped by the time they reach someone.  We had our installation last November and it is not complete yet. 

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Re: Complaint about Customer Service

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verizon has the worst customer service i have ever experienced. i spent an hour on the phone being transfered no less than 8 times between the same 4 departments before i hung up. all i wanted to do was switch the credit card for my upcoming payment. why wasn't billing able to help me instead of transfering me to sales?

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Re: Complaint about Customer Service

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I have to agree with all three of you, Verizon's customer service sucks all around. It is nearly impossible to get an answer to your problems. Unfortunately, not only do I have Verizon Internet but I have Verizon wireless also. The wireless service itself is great, just Verizon customer service is horrible. The website has got to be the most frustrating thing!!!!! I thought talking to them at the stores and on the phone was bad, the website is the worst. It's like a 2 year old put it together. Broken links, misdirection, can't access bill pay, good grief! You couldn't pay me enough to get FIOS tv or any other service from Verizon for that matter

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Re: Complaint about Customer Service

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I agree!  After getting Verizon wireless internet access, I attempted to disconnect the second phone line that was used for dial-up.  Since the data line was, for some unknown reason, the "primary line" it was necessary for Verizon to disconnect my service completely to facilitate the change.  When the service was re-connected two days later, the remaining voice line was only available on the disconnected data line.  After four calls to customer service, I am now told that there is a problem with the old voice line and there would be a charge to send a technician to resolve.  All I asked Verizon to do was turn off one line because I upgraded to their wireless internet service.  Now I have to pay to fix a problem that did not exist before they fixed the last problem?  In addition, the voice mail does not work.  When I called Verizon a second time (the first agent could not help me), there is now a problem with the voice mail signal.  It will take at least two more days to fix.  Today is Friday so we are looking at next Wednesday before this is resolved.  I'm calling Comcast next week.

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Re: Complaint about Customer Service

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I spend two hours on the phone with them trying to get something resolved.  Probably got transferred 8x. Two of the times went to phone numbers with a message "You have reached an invalid phone number" and then the line hung up.  Two times, after I was on hold for about 15 mins, the line just hung up.  Once I got transferred to a jewelry store (?!)


This is very wierd support.  They need to bring an independent Q/C team in to do some research and make changes...


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Re: Complaint about Customer Service

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Last week I got the following message from Verizon: “To improve the security of your Broadband Home Router, we have reset the router administrative password to match the serial number located on the router”.


My wife works from home on a VPM, so I needed access to the router. But when I tried to reset the password, the new password was rejected, then router malfunctioned and I had to do a hard re-set.


Results: 1 day lost pay for my wife, and 1 hour on the phone with Verizon Tech Support for me... most of it waiting in a queue.


The Tech Support people hadn't even heard about this silly scheme.


Who pays? Nobody gave Verizon permission to tamper with my home office network. What would happen if your car leasing company changed the ignition key on your car "to improve security", and notified you afterward?


I tried to contact Verizon Customer Service, with the following result:


"The following recipient(s) could not be reached: '' on 7/27/2010 12:10 PM 550 4.2.1 mailbox temporarily disabled:"


Screwed again.


The only recourse is to post this letter on an additional consumer blog everyday until I get an assurance from Verizon that they won't tamper with my SBN again without permission.

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Re: Complaint about Customer Service

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Yeah they did mine too. Of course it's because we left the password as the default (which everyone knows) and we shouldn't have. But I wondered why instead of notifying me after the fact; they could have (just as easily) notified me a day or two before and then I could have done it myself. Little too much like Big Brother for me.



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Re: Complaint about Customer Service

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@GaryDoug wrote:



Yeah they did mine too. Of course it's because we left the password as the default (which everyone knows) and we shouldn't have. But I wondered why instead of notifying me after the fact; they could have (just as easily) notified me a day or two before and then I could have done it myself. Little too much like Big Brother for me.



OR better yet, just tell users how to do change the password.


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Re: Complaint Fraud order charges NY 00079635815 requested cancelled the order

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COMPLAINT / Cancelled the order requested


Attention Verizon Fios Customer service

Regarding attention the Verizon management

Regarding represent customer service Lire and fraud service I would like investigation for what completed the conversation between me and the customer Rep. today she said never change your account before in additional you will reduce your total monthly  charge fee less than $5.00 less no the agent he screw me up for my bill and he lire I need investigation about what happen today for changes my account .

Regarding investigation requested today .


The customer


Account# {edited for privacy}

Order# Order Summary
Master Order Number:{edited for privacy}
Order Date: Nov 20, 2010

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