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Complaint about Verizon correspondence

Complaint about Verizon correspondence

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Complaint about Verizon correspondence

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i am writing to take issue with a disturbing instructions page i got from Verizon related to returning equipment.  The document is called "FIOS TV Equipment Return Program".  The document is littered with bold, all caps words like "DO NOT" and "ONLY" and numerous "NOTE:" and Bold Underlined and italicized words all of which read as being yelled at by a company i have give thousands of dollars to over the years.   They send out this document as if they are screaming at a disobedient child.  Its insulting.  It belittles the readers as if they don't know how to put a FIOS device in a box and slap the enclosed label on it and bring it to UPS.  The simplest of tasks in life and they manage to turn it into a screaming task that you better not screw up or they will charge you hundreds of dollars.  Also they give you 30 days to return your device from when you make your request to do so and i received the return box 2 weeks after my request.  It feels like a scam. 

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