Contract renewed without my consent

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Contract renewed without my consent

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My 2 year contract expired in Sept 2009. I did not want to renew the contract as I like having the option of bailing out if I want to. With each new day, I am closer and closer to that point. To get my bill down after my contract was up, I went online and removed everything from my phone including unlimited long distance, call waiting, etc. I did sign up for Verizon as my long distance provider at 6.99 a month and I think 5 cents or 10 cents a minute.


I was never able to make any long distance calls even though I received a letter welcoming me. So I called Verizon, the rep I spoke to I clarified to him that NO, I didnt want to get back into the bundle to save money. But I want my long distance incase I need it and explained to him the welcome letter I received but the features did not work. So he says, well I can put you back on the unlimited long distance. I said fine. I was switched to a third party to verify that I did want Verizon as my long distance provider. That was that or so I thought.


I now see on my account they renewed my contract with them. I am no legal eagle, but Im thinking this is not legal since I didnt authorize that. I sent an email to them and received no reply. I am not about to call them and wait on the phone for ever just for them to tell me that I did sign up for it. I mentioned in the email that the calls are recorded so they can plainly listen that the contract being renewed was NEVER discussed. As if they care.


So I am looking for input. I think its the FTC I can contact in regards to this, correct? Anyone experience this before? Im sure I am not the only one.

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Re: Contract renewed without my consent

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Hello mich73...sorry to read what happened. If you can fill out this form I will be able to access your account and find out what plan you have and if in fact your contract was extended or renewed. Thank you so much.


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