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Contributor bluemm
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Is anyone else sick & tired of each & every time you sign in to your home page, you got to see that stupid coupon? I find it very annoying & well verizon has no way of even emailing them .....just very annoying!!!!!


MVP Smith6612 MVP
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Make sure the "coupon" yo're seeing isn't coming from a Browser Add-in. A lot of Coupon add-ons and toolbars as of late have had the tendency to inject ads and offers all over websites.

Contributor bluemm
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Registered: ‎03-27-2013
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What I can not believe this as, I have had no respond back about the annoying coupon  that appears each & every time  you sign in to the home page & it is just too annoying & wow verizon has no place in here to even contact them via email?????

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Platinum Contributor II
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What coupon are you seeing? What page are you logging into? I don't see any coupon when I log in.


Can you provide a screenshot and/or the URL of the page where you are logging in?

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I am pretty sure the Verizon Coupons are coming from the Verizon toolbar.


Toolbar Preferences

on the Verizon Tool bar there is a little >>   that you should click.  And then it lets you manage the toolbar better.


we fleshed this out recently on another thread.

That shows an icon for the popup called coupons & deals.  A click on that a larger and movable popup occurs.  It has a tab at the bottom that says "manage alerts", and a check box for "enable alerts".


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