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Credit check process: why Verizon experience is SO BAD?

Credit check process: why Verizon experience is SO BAD?

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I just registered this morning to Verizon FiOS 15Mb plan (no TV or phone). I just bought my new house and need to install service. I gave my SSN as well as all other information to start service. However, I receive an e-mail that asked me to provide NOTARIZED copies of photo id or non-photo id and sent it by fax.


Also, it is required that I take both the copy and the original pieces of identification to a Notary Public and that The Notary will have you sign the paper copy in their presence. Seriously, I work and have no time to do this and it NEVER happened for ANY service.


I do not understand: I never had any debt, have no loan/mortgage and a credit score below 700. So, I do not understand WHY this is required. In addition, I do NOT have any FAX and would like to submit by e-mail. In addition, the e-mail states that : "Additional requirements may also apply, such as deposit, advance payment or toll credit limit.". So, what are the limit and what verizon might finally ask?


So, why all of this is required? Is there any rationale idea behind that?


Obviously, this is the worst customer experience I ever have up to now. Is there any other solution to sign up without a heavy useless verification process like this? Also, is it possible to send the justification id by e-mail?


Sorry for such a message but for an internet company, not having credit check information AND requires to send by regular mail is just a non-sense and does not contribute to provide a good customer experience.


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This is a peer-to-peer forum.  You're talking with other Verizon customers here.  If you want answers from Verizon, you need to contact them directly.  Use the "contact us" link at the bottom of these pages.


Good Luck.


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