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Customer Care/ Tech Support

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Customer Care/ Tech Support

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I see quite a few different people saying in here ask for a sup ask for a manager. Little advise from my point of view here.


Contary to popular belief Verizon the Company does care. Even though you will reach reps that dont seem that they do. Or that there in a hurry , or better yet they give you the wrong answer and you know it. Whereas all customer care (corporate) is trained the same. Not all reps are the same. Just like in any buiness you got your people of high calibor that are happy at their job and want to see the customer helped. Then you got the people that could care less either way will do what they need to to get by. Then you got those that dont care or dont take the time to care.


When you get on the phone within about 60's of the call you can tell who you got on the phone. Talk to the person go over your problem  And if you not happy with the solution then say something. On the same note if your happy with the person say something. Regonize them to the sup or whoever. To get issues fixed sups need to know whos doing good and whos bad. Yea they monitor there calls but who better than the customer to say how there doing. If enough people would actually say something maybe its something that could be fixed.


Just saying what Im thinking. We complain about the problem maybe we could be the solution as well?



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Re: Customer Care/ Tech Support

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 My experience with customer service insofaras tech support has been positive. However, when it comes to trying to get help for a problem outside of troubleshooting the connection between my computer and DSL, I've found it extremely difficult to get ahold of the right person or department I need to address the issue. Need an outside repair? Need the house connected to the pole? Trying to get ahold of someone who can help with that is like nailing jello to a tree. Telephone tech support cannot help with this except to try to connect me with someone who can. Unfortunately, their attempts to do so are about as effective as my own. When any of my other utilities (gas, electric, cable) go down it is fairy easy to get the problem reported to the right people and addressed.There are phone numbers  or an option on the IVRS to report outages and outside problems that need a repair tech, and you don't get routed to computer tech support and bounced around. This is my only complaint about dealing with Verizon. Install and repair issues are a nightmare, and it's not the people at the call center providing tech support. It seems to be that Verizon no longer has a proper infrastructure in place to handle these kinds of issues for residential customers.When I initially connected the house, I was getting multilple calls from Verizon where one caller was not aware of previous actions from other callers. I thought I had appointments set up that were not really set up. The left hand really did not know what the right was doing.


Along the same lines, when I moved to the city next door, I had to call one office to disconnect my service at my old home and then another office to order service at my new home. I moved 5 miles down the road in the same area code, and the people I had to call to disconnect my old service could not handle an order for new service across city lines. It was absolutely ridiculous. Again,when dealing with all other utilities I needed only make the one call to disconnect service at my old address and order service at the new address. As long as it was the same provider, it was all handled in one place.


Given that Verizon is now competing with cable and VOIP, you'd think they'd try to make it much easier for customers who need new service or need to report outside repair issues. If I had my service through Comcast (my cable TV provider), they'd be on their way out here this weekend. Instead, I'm crossing my fingers someone from Verizon who can set me up with repair will call back next week to get this issue resolved perhaps in another 2 or 3 weeks. Very frustrating indeed.


A friend of mine who works for Verizon says the problem is they are just too big and the departments don't communicate with each other. Her personal customer service experience with install and orders for service at her home is just as frustrating as mine.  😞

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