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Customer Service online?

Customer Service online?

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What a load of crock this is!  I had to search all over Verizon's website for ONE email link.  I am moving and right now, I have Time Warner for my phone and internet service, which seems a little high.  I wanted to talk to someone about my past account (since I have left them), just to see if anything was due.  I had already turned off my phone service from Time Warner, because I am going to be moving around the block, in a about 2 to 3 weeks.  Well, I emailed them and I got a response, but I can't read it because I AM NOT A CUSTOMER!  They want me to sign into the website, to read it.  I don't have the username or password, because I haven't been a customer for about a year now!  Isn't there some other way to contact them, besides calling, because we ALL know how well that is!  I was going to switch back to Verizon because I saw the commercial with the new hub and that would be great for me, but if this is how Verizon is...{please keep your posts courteous}
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Since I can't seem to log in with my OTHER ID (kelly1), because it keeps giving me "login failure", I had to RESIGN up.  Anyways Charles, that is the link that I went to originally and sent the email that way.  The problem is (and I don't know if you really read my original post)...the problem is I CAN NOT get to the EMAIL REPLY that was sent to me.  I am NOT a member of Verizon, but WAS considering becoming one.  How can I ACCESS this email if I am not a customer yet?  I CAN'T.  Is there another way to contact via online, where they can reply to MY EMAIL BOX, or give me the password and username to sign in?

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Kelly you can talk to either me or Charlesh up top there pm either one of us or both and we can fix/answer all of your questions.....We are also already fixing your Kelly1 and 1a login asap.
Copper Contributor kelly1a
Copper Contributor
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Thanks.  I went to a payphone and figured out my problem.  What I did find out though is to get the Verizon Hub, for residental service, that you need to be a Verizon Cell Phone customer?  My room mate had it last year and she wasn't a cell phone customer.  Is that true?  And thank you for fixing the log in issue as well.
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