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Per promotions, I agreed to try Verizon FiOS.  After not seeing improved service, yet higher cost and lose internet AND  PHONE  service when power off over hour, I asked to revert back to DSL.  Verizon said customer CAN  NOT go back from FiOS to DSL since system changed.  ???  Verizon's old copper wires still connect to my home.  If I move out, will new resident not have DSL option?  Verizon should allow customers option of DSL or FIOS where both wires & fiber-optic systems available.  

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Re: DSL vs FiOS

I can't imagine the copper got ripped from the pole to residence... Maybe some equipment/cabling was disconnected at the demarc.  When I got Fios I was given a 30-day money back guarantee. 


Fios should be far better than DSL.  I would press Verizon on that.  DSL is slower, can be impacted by weather and is more likely to fluctuate in quality and speed.


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