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Dear Michael Cingari

Contributor Frank54
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Mr Michel Cingari: few days ago i received a nice letter from you : special renewal offer ... considering that i am verizon customer for many years... i had a lot of expectations about the new contrat.... but the reality hit my face when i did call verizon customer service looking for a new deal ... at the of the day i have to pay more but i have around 30 less channels.... the customer service representative just did not tell me the truth .... and for that reason i accepted the new contract for 2 years but i knew about it after i just signed .... am really upset being cheated ... but what it is more sad is the fact that i am a loyal customer .... right now am looking for another options ..... do you know mr Cingari about what is really happen outside of your office ??? .... is amazing the verizon policy ..... new customer are more important than loyal customer ...

Contributor RandK2
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Add me to the list of cheated customers.

I received a letter from Mike Cingari and the offer included showtime for two years.

I did not receive it and customer service stated that it is too bad, they will do nothing.


I am posting the letter in the hopes that others will not be cheated by Mike's bait and switch.


There is no customer loyalty program at Verizon, do not renew a 2 year agreement.

The offers are not valid and will not be honored.



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Hi RandK2,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.

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I received a very nice letter from you last week. As a decades-long Verizon customer (14 years) I appreciate the note. There is little question Verizon's quality of service is quite good and that is why we have been such long term customers. However, since you wrote to me as Director of Customer Loyalty, I want to let you know your FIOS customer relations personnel and their inability to listen to the customers are a failure. We plan jump to another provider (COX) in my community.  Verizon offers tremendous deals to attract new customers such as $80 for 150/150Mbps service plus HBO plus multi-room DVR. How nice! In fact, I was given a similar offer when I opened the account in 2004; but how now long-term loyal customers are expected to pay more for less. I am told "No, sorry, no thank you. We have nothing for you." Well, sir, I am so very tired of being taken for granted. When we have another option--and you must know it is just a question of time--we will be very happy to move to another provider despite the lovely note we received from you today. If you truly want to keep us, Verizon should treat us with the same urgency & respect as new customers.

I was lied to on June 26, 2018 when I was told my existing service would be continued at the monthly rate of $154.64; but, the rate was increased some twenty-one dollars. I was virtually told that they would not give me a copy of the conversation without me going to court & subpoena the records.

Presently, I have a disconnect order on my account effective November 12th. You leave me no options because every time I call and try to work out an agreement I get told a different story on services and/or price. I hope you, personally, can intervene and direct a fair resolution to resolve the issue(s).

Thank you for your consideration.

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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The letter you received is computer generated. Totally for psychological purposes.

new customers get inducements. Or perks. Older more established customers are looking for a stable price across the board. But like any business costs rise so customers must pay those costs. General business 101 in practice.


now you allude to wanting to switch, well you could do that but if you have a shut off pending for non payment it is doubtful that Cox internet is going to let you have service for free.


you could simply get new customer pricing by putting the service in a family members name other than your own. But make sure they can pass a hard pull credit check.

you then get two years of low stable pricing and you can swap back in two years to get the lower pricing again.


so the choice is yours.

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I recieved your nice letter for being a Fios customer. For the past month I have been looking for a new contract. The new contract offered me would have raised me price $11 a month and I would lose HBO nad Showtime. Twice when I called about this I was told I was better off going month to month and have a $10 increase and keep my current package. Every time I tell this to someone they have a big laugh. I am retired and on a fixed income (Fios doesn't recognize senior citizens) If I get another raise I will be leaviing Verizon for Optimum even with the slower top speed.

I know you sold Fios in Florida and Texas. If Verizon wants to get out of the business

do it.

Contributor Bruins
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Mr Michael Cingari, I am a long time loyal customer over 20 years and a senior citizen, I have been trying to lower my bill with customer service and recently the bill increased over $10.00 more. New offers don’t apply for existing customers. I received a thank you post card from you for my long customer service. I am satisfied with Fios but to reduce my payments I am forced to sign up with Comcast Offers. 

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