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Disconnecting service

Disconnecting service

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Why is it so difficult to disconnect my Verizon service? I can easily do bill pay even get service support, but when moving out of the country, I can't get either via email, chat, or phone my service disconnected. This is a normal part of doing business.
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Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having trying to cancel your service. I have sent you a private message to get more information.


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I learned earlier this year, you must specify to the customer rep 'Cancellation of service'.  Without this particular specification, you will be continuously billed.  Monopoly is a challenging game to play, especially when you think your winning.Smiley Indifferent

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So why do not not make it public...


I have was  on hold for 15 mins but did listen to the message to go online  but can not find a I do not need your phone service anymore...this is not tell people you can use the web when there is no path (at least clear cut) path..




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I am also not able to cancel my service, I have moved to other state.


There is no way to cancel the service, I had been trying for more than a week, my calls are directed to wireless services, my emails are not being replied. That's one bad example of customer service.


Please someone cancel my service, I am being billed for something I am not using anymore.

Plan: FiOS Triple Play
Location: Newport News, VA
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I've sent you a PM to get some additional information.



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I loved my Verizon FiOS service after the initial issues of ordering it.  But then I moved across country. 


Before I moved, I called to disconnect my service. I was told to turn off automatic payments.  I supplied them with my NEW address for what I assumed was a refund check since you PRE-PAY for service.  I was told the boxes to send back the equipment would not arrive before I moved and told where I could drop off the set-top boxes & router.   Much to my surprise (positive) I received a box in the mail a few days later.  Perfect.  On my move day, I boxed everything up and dropped it off at a UPS pick up location as instructed.  


Now I should just get a refund check in the mail for the service I didn't use.  Right.  WRONG!


Fast forward almost 2 months later.  I did not receive a refund check or a bill.  Instead, I got a collection notice.  **bleep**! Oh and it was sent to my OLD address not the new one I left on file.  Hmm....maybe that's where my old bill went but the USPS never forwarded?  Too bad once you disconnect your service you can no longer view your bills online. DUMB!  So I called the collection agency only to find out that 1) Verizon supposedly sent me a bill dated 11/11 but the collection notice is dated 12/6.  When was I supposed to pay it?  2) Verizon updated my bill on 12/12 and charged me EVEN MORE.  Tried to call verizon.  Was routed to the wrong office and then the NY office is closed. 


I hope someone can explain to me why I have a bill for over $150 when I didn't order pay per view or anything like that, make international calls AND I prepaid my bundle service as well as the RED ZONE and i only got it for about 1/3 of the season.  I think they meant to send me a check for $150.  


If something similar has happened to you, please let me know.  

{edited for privacy}


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Hello irrate


Sorry you are having difficulty, an agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or help you resolve your issue.

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I'm also really struggling to cancel my service.  I've tried to find information online and continuously get a page that says "Bad Request."  I was told live chat was unavailable for my problem and when I tried calling, I was hung up on twice while on hold.  I have found the customer service extremely lacking in this process.

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I believe live chat is only available during certain hours. You could try one of the contact options here:

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