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Discounts for existing customers

Discounts for existing customers

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Only specials for new customers is not right. How about the existing customers who have been paying their bills on about maybe a discounted payment, free DVR for 6 months/year. How about discounted internet or phone....Don't offer me free HBO, SHOWTIME, i have 2 young kids, what the hell do i care about movies!! Discount my bill and do something meaningful!!

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#1 Unless I am mistaken, that has been suggested in


Please don't forgot to vote.


#2 If you disagee with me that it has been suggested, I would suggest posting in



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They keep marking these suggestions as "Duplicate" with a link to the so-called original post, yet there is no satisfactory response on the original post.


If you call customer service and threaten to cancel your service, MAYBE the customer service representive will tell you there is a discount available to existing customers and that MAYBE you are eligible for it.  Also, Verizon has decreased the amount of the discount from what it used to be.  The discount should be given AUTOMATICALLY and all existing customers with an account in good standing should receive it.

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As the previous ooster indicated ... the ideas section is just that ... a suggestion that others can vote on the express their desire to see Verizon enact some type of change.    They may or may not choose to do so ... that's a business decision.   You can certainly express your thoughts about exactly how they should implement such a change with a comment when you vote on the idea.


As a consumer ... you need to judge the value for the money you pay.   If you don't like that practice, then you have another way to "vote" your opinion and that is to switch providers.   Every carrier does these new customer deals and sometime Verizon will play ball in the retention area to keep a customer, but sometimes they won't.


At the end of the day, if you don't switch and you pay the existing customer rate -- you made a value assessment and decided it was not worth switch just to get a "new customer rate".


Welcome to the free market.



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I don't agree.  Sometimes you stay just because it is too much aggravation to switch over to new provider.


I would like to suggest that Verizon entertain two types of for long standing Verizon customers, I for one have been a customer of Verizon for well over 30 years.


So.....A discount for long standing customers (not necessarily 30 years,    and a discount for senior citizens.  Often, this population is more "inside" and really need the tv, so the continuing spiral upwards of Verizon's plans is becoming difficult for many.  I suggest we email this suggestion to all the "seniors" we know and give then the email to upper management at Verizon requesting such a discount.


By the way, AT&T offers a senior type discounted phone plan..........Verizon does not!

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I hear you.  I called to lower my bill and the CS rep I got gave me a song and dance saying since I have an old bundle rate if i opt out and change it will cost more.  Then the other day I called billing for something else, was directed to CS in error and she came out and asked if I had time to go over my plans and see if she could save me money.  She found close to 40 bucks in monthly savings for me plus I got a trial for something.  Its who you get.  I always find someone to help me but  it usually takes me calling back 2 to 3 times before I get what I need.  Have you checked out the perks its not much its discounted restaurants and shopping.

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I am also weary of VZ not offering the deals to existing customers.  My contract will expire in less than 2 months and we are definately shopping around for a new provider.  I have tried all the suggestions from multiple calls to multiple chats online and I can't waste my time any longer.  My daughter has cable providing TV and internet and I really do not notice any diffrence in speed or channels or movies on demand.  We have been VZ customers for over 25 years and I am done.   

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Senior citizen discount for verizon package

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Platinum Contributor I
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Then expect when your contract expires with new provider, they won't offer much in the way of deals either.

Providers know that most people, once they switch, find it too much hassle to switch again (all new hardware, emails change etc). So they spend most of their effort trying to win new customers.

That being said, I have seen others post that when you are ready to cancel, call and tell them so. You may be offered some deals as a loyal customer (no guarantee).

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