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Double Play

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Double Play

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I ordered and received the Double Play Package.  I "did" not want the phone service as it was more than I was paying.  The only reason the land line is still active is the wife wants it.  One thing Verizon doesn't tell you is that when you have the FIOS installed, your phone line is migrated into the FIOS fiber optic line. So, since I didn't need the battery backup any longer, I unplugged it and disconnected the battery.  No since paying the electric for this if not needed.  Wrong!  I had to reconnect the battery and charger to get the phone back which was a simple task.  Took another 6 hours of tech support work on their end to reset the system and get my phone back.  Another thing, I was told in no uncertain terms by 3 different people, that I didn't need set top boxes if my TV's were "cable ready".  Cable ready to me is just that, cable ready, not "digital cable ready" which is what they meant, but didn't say.  With the added cost of extra boxes, it wasn't worth it.  I do to much recording..........................system was disconnected after 2 days.  Had great picture, and the wife found a few channels she really liked, and if we were home more and didn't need to record all our favorites, then maybe in the future we'll have it reconnected.  Now back to my old cable system, but I can now record all I need without STB's.  So, be aware of what Verizon is doing even though you didn't order all the services...
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