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Why am I now being charged for ESBI?  What is it?  Is it mandatory?  Was I told before I was charged?
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If you will Google ESBI you will find lots and lots of complaints about being charged for that, not just on Verizon, it is a scam. You need to read up on it first, then contact ESBI to try to get your money back (good luck!). I think (emphasize think) that there is a way you can get Verizon to not allow those kinds of charges to your account, but I think it needs to be done before the charges appear; I would contact Verizon to see if that is true. As one of the sites I Googled said, contact ESBI, Verizon, your state's Attorney General, everybody you can think of.


Not much help, I'm afraid, hope you can get the charges reversed or refunded. 


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This is one of many {please keep your posts courteous} VERIZON let bill you at free will and then they cut service if you don't pay the whole amount even with disputing these in clear black and white
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Actually that is incorrect-it is called cramming and it usually is a result of information or music downloaded from the internet-if you call Verizon -it will be recoursed back to the carrier -taking it off your bill and you should ask for a miscellaneous charge block so no one else can do it from other websites
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