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I was a Verizon customer for their cell phones for 14 years, and we used their Air cards for 2 years. And I am now a DIRECTV Customer. The main street in my neighborhood is roughly five miles long, near the end of the main street is where it branches out in to a lot of mini subdivisions. These subdivisions is where the majority of the people live. So if Verizon was going to bring FiOS to my neighborhood it only seems logical that they would bring it to where it would be offered to the most people. In there most recent expiation (roughly 2 years ago) they only brought it 3 miles down the street just short off all the subdivisions. Where DLS was already offered by there competitors. Why would Verizon only go to competition and not be a monopoly in my Neighborhood? It just seems like bad business.


Now after the Verizon dish was damaged and they haven't fully fixed it. I am a full Sprint customer running a hotspot on a phone to a router to the entire house because sprint is the only one with unlimited data. (We could not buy enough Air Cards for our data usage) It would be like trying to drive a mustang in a 12x12 foot room. What's the point?




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