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FIOS Service During Power Outages

FIOS Service During Power Outages

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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When I first had FIOS installed and during any power failures, I would lose TV signal and internet even though I have separate ups units connected to my computer and tv/cable box.  During some recent storms, the power went out for up to a minute and I still had TV coverage and internet.  Here are my questions:


1.  Is verizon installing ups's at their "main frame" to keep the fiber live?  What is their game plan?


2.  With FIOS there is a small ups to keep your phone service active for up to six hours, but if you loose the fiber feed, how is the telephone service being fed to the outside box?  In other words, if the tv/internet signal is lost, why isn't the telephone signal lost if it all comes through on the same fiber cable?  When I had Cox service, I could watch TV until my ups gave out.


Just curious and thanks for any replies!

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Silver Contributor III
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when you lose power, the BBU kicks in, and after  minute or so, the video and data ports will be shut off at the ONT at your house to save battery power.... the battery is ONLY for the phone


In the event that the Verizon CO lost power/signal and you truly had no signal coming to your house.. then all services would go down


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Nickel Contributor
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Thanks for your reply Bob.  Some day, if I get the time, I would like to relocate the bbc to my utility room and connect it to a spare ups that I have.  The hard part will be getting the six conductor cable to my utility room.
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Just for 'completeness', the ONT battery backup unit in your home is intended specifically to provide voice service during a commercial power outage.  As stated above, after a minute or so, the TV and internet functions will  shut down, thus preserving the maximum battery reserve for voice usage.  It should be noted that in such a situation, the ONT-BBU life expectancy will be very similar to your battery life in your cell phone.  That is, IF you don't actually use the phone (to talk) you should expect up to 8 hours of battery life.  However, if you make a bunch of 'short' calls (to call neighbors to see if they lost power); or since the power is out you busy yourself with a 'long' 30-45 minute phone call, your battery life will be significantly less that 8 hours.  In other words, keep phone call short.


As for Verizon's central office equipment, all Verizon central office equipment is supported by battery plants that are engineered (based on actual expected load) to provide a minumum of 4 hours of reserve power for all equipment.  However, in a central office environment, the battery plant is primarily intended to be a short-term/no-break back up.  Verizon central offices are equipped with stand-by engine-generator sets that are intended to provide long term back up power in the event of commercial power outages.  During natural disasters (storms, etc) these generators have been know to run for weeks (with proper re-fueling) thus providing long term emergency service.


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