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FIOS Transfer Service Issue

FIOS Transfer Service Issue

Copper Contributor URspider
Copper Contributor
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Okay - I will tyr to summarize my issue as brief as possible as there are many things I think are wrong here.


I am currently moving houses (about 3 miles apart) and FIOS is available in both.  I currently have an Internet and TV bundle that I signed up for in July for 79.99 a month.  I called yesterday to transfer service to the new location, and they said the price at my new location would be 94.99 a month - because that is the current bundle price. 


I looked over my customer agreement, and I can find nothing that outlines the procedure for transfering services.  It outlines the early termination fee of 119.00 if I terminate before my term agreement 1 year.  


SO why is the price going up if I have a 2 year price guarentee, and want to continue with the contract?  They also said that there is a $50.00 service fee for transfering service, which the customer service person gracefully dropped. 


My problem is - I am under a 2 yr. price guarantee, but they are changing the price.   Is that not a breach of contract?  and shouldn't I have the option to not continue service if they are going to raise the price?   


I was told by customer service that I have to speak to retention that they are the only people that could make such an adjustment.  I was just wondering if anyone else has any ideas or information on the matter.  I have read through my agreement 10 times and I can't find anything on transfering service.  The only item I come across in the agreement states "You agree not to assign or otherwise transfer this Agreement, or your rights and obligations under it, in whole or in part, to any other person".   I am not transferring to another person, just another house.


The whole process has been extremely frustrating - that they can raise the price, and I have no choice in the matter to agree or cancel service.   I want the service, at the price I agreed to.  


Any suggestions on how to proceed.  


Thank you.


Contributor BenUrsa
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First call the competitors and find out what kind of offer they have at your new house. Be careful to compare apples to apples. I think you have a tv+internet but no phone deal and they are suggesting a tv+internet+phone deal at your new address. Where I live tv+internet is $85/month (closer to your $80/mo). Once you are prepared with the competitor's offer you can tell "retention" what it will take to keep you as a customer. IANAL - I think your contract is limited to service at a specific address. You did not get the right to move the service to a different address.
Copper Contributor URspider
Copper Contributor
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Thats the thing - they keep telling me my service is limited a specific address, but I can't find that anywhere in my SERVICE AGREEMENT.  If it was there - I would just move on.  But - I am concerned if they are trying to pull this one on me, what are they going to pull when my 1 year agreement is up?

Copper Contributor URspider
Copper Contributor
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Interesting update - I contacted the RETENTION department today, and they gave me the same story.  Saying that I agreed to service at a specific ADDRESS, and not to myself.  Therefore,  I must take the current bundle price or pay a cancellation fee. 


I then asked her to show me where in the service agreement it says such a thing - and the response I got was priceless - she said it was an ORAL agreement.   PLEASE.  


I can't find anything in the agreement about transferring service or service being tied to my address - if anyone out there can find it - please let me know. 

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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So, are you telling us that if you move, Verizon wants to charge a cancellation fee?

Copper Contributor URspider
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎11-11-2009
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Not exactly.  I wanted to move and transfer my service with me.   They said to transfer services - you have to pay a $50 fee (which they waived) and then you have to pay the current bundle price - which is $15 more a month than what I pay now.


In the VERIZON SERVICE AGREEMENT - I am under a 2 yr. price guarantee, with a one year committment.  I want to honor that committment, as long as they honor the price.  If not - I want to cancel.  


No where in the service agreement or on the website does it discuss transfering services.   But it does say in the agreement that Verizon can change the rates and terms of the agreement, but that if they do so, I have the option to cancel without penalty (no termination fee). 


I have been told the transfer services is an ORAL agreement, which is laughable. 


My point is - i want to keep the service at the price i was promised.   If not, I want out - no fee.  They say that is not possible.  Yet - when I ask where in my contract/agreement does it state such - no one can find it or give me an answer.  I almost thinking this could be a class action type lawsuit for all customers out there that have paid cancellation fees or increased rates when they move houses. 

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