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Failed Customer Service Experience

Failed Customer Service Experience

Contributor vcaggiano
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After being a 'valued customer' of Verizon after seven years I will be leaving for a new provider starting February 9th. On Monday January 7th I first called Verizon after receiving my bill that jumped $54+ (do to expiring promotions) and got absolutely no place.  When calling customer service after hearing the wait times I decided I would try the call back feature. I did receive a call however the service hung up on me and never called back.  Seeing it was already late I decided I would call the next day. The following day, I waited on hold for an over an hour and finally got in touch with 'Bret' who offered me promotions that actually cost more then my service with my expired promotions (what sense does this make?). After he continually put me on hold and the call lasting over 40 minutes I told him I would call back and thanked him for his 'help'. The following day (January 9th) I'm on the way home from work and yet again try to call. I again use the call back feature and about twenty minutes later I receive a call back. Anyone familiar with the call back feature knows that once answering it will ask if this is indeed the original call caller and if so to press 1. I press 1 and since I'm calling from my cell phone, nothing happens and the service hangs up. I get home approximately 45 minutes later and call back, this time from my home phone. After hearing the wait times, I again attempt to use the call back feature and this time it actually works. The person calls me back and it actually worked, I finally get in touch with someone. After explaining to them the situation the tell me there are no offers for existing customer and basically there’s nothing they can do for me. I ask the customer service agent to cancel my service and I'd willing pay the termination fee. She explained to me that since I want to port my number over I would first have to setup new service. Completely Frustrated, I now call Altice or Optimum who is my other local provider and within five minutes I'm speaking to someone and ordering new service for the following month. I then call back Verizon and magically since I'm disconnecting my service I get right in touch with someone (who was great honestly 5+) however he too couldn't help. I'm sorry for the rant however this was an extremely frustrating experience. There are new customer promotions for 30% less then the offers are receiving my e-mail I just don't get it.  I'm sure I'm not the only one...

Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Pricing for new customers are always used as an enticement to get service.

the premise is the person will love the service so much that they will have you.


However promotions end and costs increase. Same with the other providers.

the proper way to leave Verizon is to first port out your telephone number to the other service. That is easy, then after the other provider tells you the port was successful you can then cancel the rest of your services.


it is at this juncture Verizon will try to save the loss of the customer. However many times unless you have an install date with the other service Verizon will not give you any deal. The other thing to remember is Verizon will attempt to get you into a contract, don’t do it. Continually say “I want no contract, this pricing is non contract pricing, I don’t agree to any service with a contract” say it again and again.


after 30-45 days you are going to get calls and mailing begging you to return. Just remember how you were treated prior to you leaving.


Contributor vcaggiano
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Registered: ‎01-11-2019
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I've already ported my number to a new provider and canceled my service with Verizon, as of next month. The contract thing doesn't even bother me because the new provider will buy them out for you. It's just super frustrating with the games they play and provide you with the most horrible customer service experience I've ever had. 

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