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Filing a complaint. How can this be done?

Filing a complaint. How can this be done?

Contributor Jesstrai
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I would like to file a complaint about how my experience with Verizon has been extremely awful since I signed up last month. Is there no way to contact corporate? Or anyone in upper management? So far, all anyone I have talked to has done is lie and give me the run around. Still no help or sympathy for what an awful experience I have had! ...from setting up service ...to the tech that came to my house ...to each and every CS rep I have spoken with! I am so frustrated and am ready to find services elsewhere. Please help!!!!
Moderator Moderator
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Hi Jesstrai,


Could you let us know the issue with your product or service that you are having?  Is it an equipment problem, a billing problem, or something else?

Contributor JM14oh
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I have been a verizon customer for a few years now and have the same problem. Whenever I get chat support, it is always a waste of time as they DO NOT read the questions, and voice support is much the same.


What can be done except cancel, but unfortunately they have a monopoly in my town on DSL internet. What can I do?


I couldve worded a few things a bit better but CSRs should be versatile!



Contributor JM14oh
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Hi LawrenceC,

I am assuming you are a verizon employee. If not, then please ignore this but doesn't the answer you gave kind of disturb you? Why cant a complaint be made AND a problem solved? I apologize if this is offending but it just seems weird you cant complain.

Contributor LookieLou
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There should be an easy way in every user email to file a Problem Reort... that is basic good management.


Verizon seems to want to remain clueless?


Their menu of email problems does NOT include the big one - Verizon blocking single emails as Spam. Or,

they use the Subject line to decide on what to block - **bleep** are in charge of programming specs.


Or it will cause Verizon to loose a house phone customer and the dsl service?


But Verizon needs a Suggestion Link -  ie If Verizon is linked to DirecTV and Directv blocks RFDtv and Rureal

TV channels as too Rural - duh - it may cost people who cancel Dtv to cancel Verizon too.


Politics makes strange bedfellows.





Contributor speedracerv
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I agree, customer survive sucks!
Copper Contributor Brychance
Copper Contributor
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Bottom line is they just don't care.  {please keep it relevant} just leave them and go with anyone else, AT&T, Direct TV, Time Warner, Comcast....anyone but Verizon. 


I just posted my experience with them here for others to share...I just googled "Verizon bait and switch" and was amazed at how often this occurs.  Its like a regular business practice with them.  FCC has investigated them often.  Start complaining to them I suppose as well.

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