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Frustrated and disappointed new customer -- How do I get help?

Frustrated and disappointed new customer -- How do I get help?

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I switched from Time Warner Cable to FIOS triple play service in April. Although the product appears great, the service has been a huge disappointment, and I can't even find an address to send customer service complaints.  On the day of installation, three technicians arrived at our apartment at 1:00 pm -- then after 10 minutes, left, leaving their equipment strewn on the kitchen floor.  They periodically stopped back into the apartment throughout the day. They did not appear to start the actual installation; however, until about 6:00 pm -- and decided that they needed to call another colleague to come over and help.  They did not leave our apartment until nearly 10:00 pm -- just to hook up three TVs [using the existing Time Warner coaxial cables) and two telephones.  The following day, we discovered that they failed to connect one of the phone lines, and so we had to schedule another installation.  In addition, our cable-dvr box malfunctioned and broke.  I returned the dvr box to a store, and made an appointment for techs to connect the phone line.  No one arrived on the scheduled day.  A few days later, I finally got a tech to connect the phone line.  But a few days later, we lost service again, and I had to call for another service repair -- that time, I insisted that the tech review the wiring and connections to make sure it all was done properly. Although the tech signed off on the cables, connections and hook-ups, we nonetheless still have lost phone and or cable service several times which have required repairs on-site, as well as several partial losses that have required hours spent on the phone with tech support while they re-boot or send signals to our boxes.  I lagain lost service last night, and again was on the phone with tech support for over an hour; finally tech support gave up and scheuduled a service call for today.  I was told a tech would be at our apartment and our lost service repaired by 7 pm -- I was unable to narrow the time frame.  A tech arrived around 6:30, and puttered around for an hour, apparently without any idea of how to fix the service.  At 7:30, she called a colleague and said she'd be back in ten minutes.  She and a colleague returned at 8:30 pm, and the puttered around our bedroom, den and kitchen, ostensibly to repair our service.  They finally left about 9:10 pm.  I am told everything is now working, but have little confidence it all will continue to work.  


I am so frustrated that I am ready to switch back to Time Warner, even though I don't think it's cable-internet package is as good as FIOS.  Time Warner at least seemed to have reliable, if medicore, equipment, and competent tech support.  And even more frustrated that Verizon does not have a readily available email address for service complaints -- surely, it's not in FIOS' interests to have teams of techs returning to the same apartment to perform hours of apparent installation and repair work.

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Since we haven't heard back from you as requested in your private support case, it appears assistance is no longer required. If you need any future help with your Verizon service, please make a post here on the forums so we can assist.


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