Frustrated with Verizon

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Frustrated with Verizon

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Was not sure where to put this so hopefully I have put it in the right spot.


I have had Fios since November now and I must say that it is not worth the money

I have had 3 cable boxes 

The first one died after it had been installed for two months.  After 35 minutes on the phone the rep finally said we will have to send  you out a new one.

The second box never worked right from the start. After calling twice I finally got them to send out a tech along with a new box. The tech was here for two hours changing cables and connections before he decided it must be the box and replaced the box.

Guess what it was the box.


Now my actiontech router is not working anymore after going through with a tech the issues I was told they would have to send me a new one. I asked them to make sure that it was new and not a refurbished one and I was told they can't do that.


Anyone looking to go to Fios STAY AWAY. The equipment is a joke.  I was actually told by one of the techs that the brand new cable boxes are hit and miss for if they will work or not. I wanted to use my own router and was told by my install tech that I had to use their router and that if I wanted to I could attach mine to theirs but they couldn't help me with it. I'm glad that their router lasted 6 months. Thats longer than the cable boxes did.  

I had Directv for 5 years and never had an issue and  if one more thing goes wrong with Verizon I am switching back to Directv for cable and comcast for internet both work better than Fios.


I'm glad for the price I pay I have to trouble shoot my own equipment. Install my replacement equipment and then have to ship back my equipment. How about I start charging Veizon everytime I have an issue? Maybe they will get the equipment to work and stay working


Thanks for letting me rant




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Re: Frustrated with Verizon

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I am sorry to hear about the problems you have been having. This is the right place to post if you do have problems. Even though this is a peer to peer board, we still look for instances we can help with. So please don't hesitate to post here anytime you need assistance.


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