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Contributor marysuff
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I signed up for Verizon Internet and Phone about two days ago.


problem #1 - there is a fraud alert on my credit due to the theft of my identity.

problem #2 - i have been on hold for two hours

problem #3 - nobody, so far, has told me when my order will be completed

problem #4 - i have been on hold for two hours

problem #5 - i have yet to talk to anyone at verizon due to being on hold for two hours.



have i mentioned i've been on hold for two hours?


what is it going to take to actually talk with a live human being ?

Contributor BlackHole
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what state are you in, if you dont mind revealing that on the internet.
Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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Unreal.   Personally, I'm shocked you stayed on hold for two hours yourself!   I won't stay on hold for 20 minutes anymore.   I think millions of Americans are getting sick of such treatment.    Outsourcing is the culprit in many of these cases and when somebody finally get's on the line they either haven't a clue what you're saying or can't help you.    Whether it's a computer company, communication company or any other electronic or retail company . . . they day true old fashion direct customer service comes back "THAT" will be the company I and millions of others will gravitate toward.    In short, I'd rather have a product that may not be the fastest or best but it's one that responds to you as a human being.
Contributor tstalontsi
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I have had the same problem of being left on hold several times.  I was just on hold for about an hour and gave up.


If you can figure out how to get a hold of someone at Verizon who actually is able to fix any of your problems, please share with the rest of us.

Gold Contributor IV
Gold Contributor IV
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In all fairness to Verizon, I realize they are experiencing growing pains as their service is very much in demand.   They are probably swamped with calls and are struggling to keep up.   But how hard can it be to simply have a phone recording that honestly informs people from the very beginning that calls simply will not be answered within a reasonable time.


Secondly, it seems like perhaps their quest to expand a bit too quickly has overwhelmed their ability to provide customer service to those areas.   Verizon should explore the idea of not moving to a new area until they are fully staffed and equipped to do so within a reasonable time frame.   It takes time to get nationwide but upsetting thousands along the way just isn't the way to do things.   You'll never make everybody happy but having phone lines that go nowhere will make no one happy.

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Platinum Contributor III
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@marysuff wrote:

what is it going to take to actually talk with a live human being ?

Just say "agent" every time the phone system asks for input and you generally will get to an agent pretty quickly. At least that has been my experience (and I did not figure this out myself, someone posted it somewhere, I tried it, and it worked, maybe it will work for you).


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Copper Contributor shadowmind
Copper Contributor
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after working in customer service for a couple years i understand your pain of long wait times, but please keep in mind.everyones case is different and some times it takes 25-45 minutes to work out a problem for a customer. Sure its quicker if you just get the customer in and out, but when you call in your expecting your problems to be taken care. So remember when your talkin to the agent foer 45 minutes about YOUR problem someone else is sitting on hold waiting.
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