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Hasn't this gone far enough?

Hasn't this gone far enough?

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On my way home from work today, I was shocked to see a Verizon salesperson in the backyard of my complex, set up with his own laptop computer and table under a tent, just like any salesperson who sets up a cart at a shopping mall to sell services.  I'm assuming he got permission from the landlord to do this.  I had to walk past him to get into my apartment.  He said "hello" and I only said "hello" back.  He asked me if I have Fios and I just ignored him and kept on going. I could tell he was getting annoyed but that really wasn't my problem. 


I was even more surprised to see that he remained set up in the backyard until just about now, after it has already been dark, damp, and drizzling.  Periodically I took a peak through the blinds of my windows to see if he was still out there and he didn't try to get my attention again when I took out the garbage.  I don't understand what he was trying to accomplish.  That's not a realistic way of getting more sales if you ask me.  This is a residential complex and nobody is going to want to sign up for Fios services in the outdoors when it's dark and drizzling.   


I didn't say anything to him but frankly, I think that's getting intrusive and it's obnoxious.  This isn't a high rise with a ground floor hallway and an elevator.  This is a private residential garden complex and the evening is when a lot of us are just coming back from work and have things to do at home and really don't have the time to be bothered.  I have to get dinner ready and take care of house chores because I have responsibilities.  Did this guy really think he would get more customers to sign up for Fios just by setting up shop in our backyard and remaining there well into the evening?  I doubt he got any new customers from that.  Most of us tenants here have to work. 


Everyone here is aware that Verizon Fios is available and we receive all of the flyers in the mail and we're all aware of the TV ads and the Verizon Wireless locations where anyone can order the Fios if it's available.  I'm still a faitthful customer of Verizon Fios God willing but please....leave us alone and respect our privacy!  This is our home, not a shopping mall!  I'm sure if more people here want the service, they will contact Verizon and sign up for it.  Why doesn't Verizon make its service available to the other areas where it isn't available now and get more customers that way?



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I am sorry to hear that you don't like of our marketing tactics. I would suggest bringing this up with your landlord if you disapprove who he is letting on the property.




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That's not the point.  It's very obnoxious.  You guys need to find some more practical marketing strategies and focus more on advertising in public areas instead of getting permission to be so intrusive like that and instead of acting like "oh we're sorry you don't like it...if you don't like it, it's not our problem...take it up with your landlord".  I may say something about it to my landlord but the whole thing, in my opinion, is a waste of everyone's time and in the end, it's just all about making more money and raking in more profits for these corporate giants anyway and I think everyone knows that.  But the ends don't justify the means and it's the way your company is going about it that's wrong.  It goes too far.  That's my opinion.


This whole approach shows a lack of common sense and I also felt disrespected by this salesperson.  If new people want to sign up for the service, they will come to the booth.  It was very tacky of him to try to get my attention when I was walking by and just coming home from work.  I don't like any kind of high pressure "in your face" tactic and especially at that time, I wasn't going to answer any personal questions from a stranger like that.  And then he got so annoyed and took it so personally by throwing a fit like a 6 year old when I made it very clear that I wasn't interested, especially since I already have the service.  I had every right to ignore him because I don't want to be bothered and if he didn't feel welcome, that really wasn't my problem either.  If he wasn't getting any new customers by the time I came around, that's not my problem. 


If you guys are going to continue getting permission to advertise on residential property, your sales people need to be mindful that this is not a shopping mall and that a lot of residents there are not going to be want to be bothered because we have our own lives, we're tired, our time is limitied being that we are working, and we have our own personal business to take care of.  Think about it.


It's so impractical too because how much new business is someone going to get anyway by doing that, epsecially when it's dark and raining?  That doesn't make any sense. 


I don't mean any disrespect but again, that is my opinion.






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I agree, your opinion should be respected bt Verizon.

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The whole thing is just weird.  A Verizon salesperson showing up between the hours of 4 and 8PM during the week when people are coming home from work really isn't going to accomplish much.  He only came that one night.  A more practical alternative would be to have that person show up on a weekend instead but even then, it's just not a welcoming situation. 


Privacy really is bliss. 



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He didn't badger you, he wasn't going door to door, and he (as I understand it) had permission from the landlord to be there. Why exactly are you complaining?

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I'm with somegirl here.   The guy was polite, cordial, and had permission to be there.   I think he was being quite creative -- not bothering people with door to door sales, picking a time when lots of people come home from work, and generally offering to give people more information if they were interested when they walked by.  



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Bronze Contributor II
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Polite and cordial?  lol...That's a laugh.  Then he should have minded his own business.  Trying to get my attention from a distance and asking me if I have Fios when I am about to walk in the door at the end of the work day is tacky and if he really were that respectful, then he wouldn't have gotten annoyed and thrown a fit like a child when I ignored him.  He heaved a such a sigh and rolled his eyes at me like I did something to him.  He should have expected to be ignored and if he didn't like it, then too bad.  Someone like that should only be asking questions like that when being approached by a potential customer who is interested.  I don't want to be bothered and I made that very clear.  No it's not going door to door and it didn't continue but it's still just as rude. 


The whole thing is dumb and very weird if you ask me.  That is the worst time and setting for trying to attract customers like that.  Sure he had permission to be there but that's the most impractical marketing strategy I've ever seen.  I didn't see a single person go there in the time I saw him standing out there under that tent.


Whatever his intentions were, it's not my problem.  Sorry.



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