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Help With Contacting Verizon via Live Chat

Help With Contacting Verizon via Live Chat

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I was on here once before and got the chance to talk to someone on live chat. I would rather do that, since I can actually understand what they're saying. Now I can't find live chat anywhere on the site. Does anyone know how to find it? I would call verizon, but I don't feel like sitting on the phone all day talking to an answering machine or having to listen with all my might to know what {please keep your posts courteous} the non-english speaking person is saying. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.



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I beleve this is the link. google spit it out when i put in "verizon fios live chat"

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live chat unfeature

there has never been live chat

{please keep it relevant} 


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Bridget, I feel your pain.  I successfully added a new distinctive ring number to our phone service (a memorable number, one that I liked) in July 2009 using the live chat service through  Since I did that, verizon has successfully (but temporarily) changed that number, removed our second line of service, and when we added verizon's version of privacy manager (call intercept) apparently mine was the only phone in verizon's system that had to use a different number to set up call intercept than the standard 800-527-7070 (i call that number and it says I don't have call intercept installed), mine was 972-242-5613 according to the "verizon technician" who called me from the "Unavailable" number to say that call intercept was "set up".  That number worked for 24 hours and since then I get a "this number has been disconnected" message. I placed 3 orders with verizon, but the other 5 orders that show up on our order history and screwed up our service were placed by who knows?  I ask verizon from this phone and they say they don't know who placed the orders, but they can't cancel them and blah, blah, blah.


Not all companies behave this way, in my experiences it has only been verizon and cox communications.  Luckily we also have AT&T landline service at this home now, ordered from a payphone, and only accessed from the computers at the local library - and no problems with AT&T at all. {edited}


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